Pre-Service Notes


The Gospel Grid

Sometimes Christians can feel overwhelmed or under equipped when thinking about taking the gospel to those around them. We can be burdened about everyone and end up reaching no one. What is needed is a Gospel Grid. During the adult pre-service in our local church meetings we have been studying how we can reach others with the gospel. Please download the PDF provided. This material is designed to help equip the believer with a biblical grid to assist them as they do their part in reaching the lost around them with the gospel of Jesus Christ.The Gospel Grid will seek to assist the believer by walking them through the following questions:

1) Who has God placed into my life to reach with the Gospel?

2) What is the mindset of those that God has called me to reach?

3) What is the gospel and how should I communicate it?

4) What is my plan to reach those around me with the Gospel?


Walking in the Spirit

This study on Galatians 5 is a challenge for all Christians not to use liberty for the purpose of our flesh, but rather to walk in the Spirit and serve others. This is an updated version of Will's walking in the spirit notes. Click here to download the PDF


Building a Biblical Worldview

We all have a lens by which we view the world around us. The term "worldview" literally means "a way of looking at the world." These presuppositions will guide the way that we answer the most basic questions of life. The Christian’s worldview is to be entirely committed to God and not living a life that is in conformity with the world. Click here to download a PDF version of the sermon "Building a Biblical Worldview."


How Can i grow spiritually?

D. Martin Lloyd Jones said “Have you realized that most of your unhappiness in life is due to the fact that you are listening to yourself instead of talking to yourself?” As believers, we walk through life bombarded by the lies of the world, Satan, and the lies of our flesh. In the midst of these influences we are tempted to fold and live a joyless life, but how can we as believers live above this mindset? We must learn to counsel our minds to think upon truth and realize the core issues of our sinful habits. We must realize that our deepest problems center around a lack of faith, our view of God, and our love for self.

In this pre-service, Will focuses upon these very issues and the question, “How can I grow spiritually?” Click here to download the PDF version of the notes.

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