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Our team avails to your church many different outreach programs. Currently, we offer publications for our Irish Concert, men's and ladies' outreach events, and Target 10 posters to remind you to invite friends to these events.

We have publications for the Irish Concert, one for the regular weekly meeting, and several Target 10 resources.

To make your own outreach flyer or poster, please include the following details (Please check with the team regarding time and date of event):

▢ Title of event (you may also include a brief summary of the event as we have in our flyers)
▢ Name of church
▢ Address of church
▢ Date of event
▢ Time of event
▢ Time of pre-concert if included
▢ Church phone number
▢ Website, and map are optional

If you would like to use one of our promo pictures to make your own publications, please download this zip file containing our group promo photos.


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    Men's and Ladies' Nights

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    Cookout or meal of your choice Dessert or meal of your choice
    Competition, music, door prizes Light competition, music, door prizes
    Gospel message
    Gospel message



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