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Our team avails to your church a teen outreach program called Ultimate Challenge. We currently offer a flyer for the Ultimate Challenges. Jordan Allen, head of our teen program, can connect you with the materials you and your church need.

Our vision: We want to assist you in helping your teens reach out to their relational communities. To do this, the teens in your church will be exhorted to build a team to compete together. This program features an Ultimate Challenge tournament (variations of different challenges are offered), a free dinner (generally pizza), and a gospel message.

The Ultimate Challenge flyer is shaped like a card and prints several to a page. The details of the Ultimate Challenge are on the back of this flyer.


To make your own teen outreach flyer or poster please include the following details (Please check with the team regarding time and date of event):

▢ Title of event
▢ Event highlights: Free Pizza, Gospel Message, Ultimate tournament
▢ Name of location
▢ Address of location
▢ Date of even
▢ Time of event: start and end
▢ Church phone number
▢ Website, and map are optional
For more information, please contact Jordan Allen at gemschedule


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