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Logical Fallacies

logical_fallacies_pageDoes the truth of the Gospel negate the need for logic?

One of the major critiques to the realm of Christian apologetics goes as follows: “If salvation is by faith alone, then what’s the point of trying to logically reason the truths of the Gospel with someone?” In short, if by faith, why logic?

In this tool, Aaron Boyce takes a closer look at this critique and discusses the relationship between faith and logic.

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The Gospel and Purpose

gospelpuropselowOver the past four years traveling with this team, God has done some major reconstructive work on my soul. Through the ministry of the Word, my community of believers, and various authors of helpful books, God has changed my purpose of life from being flippant to being intentionally gospel centered.

Have you ever taken the time to step back and ask if you are living your life with purpose, or if you are walking worthy of the gospel?

In this tool, Laura Kennedy explains that because of the gospel, we can all live with purpose.

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The Gospel and Purity (for women)

gospelpuritysmallReba Snyder

shares a women's study on how the gospel connects to purity on a daily basis. Click here to download the PDF.


The Gospel and My Thinking

gospelandthinkinglowWhat is the Gospel?

Definition: “Good News” of the revelation of Jesus Christ; The life of Christ; a thing that is absolutely true.

What is the Gospel to you? To me it is my ultimate salvation. It pulls me out of some deep pits. When I don’t have truth flowing through my mind, my mind can get muddy. I start thinking untruthful thoughts and lies about the gospel. One lie is that, “I am not that bad”, or “I am TOO sinful”, and even “As long as I do this for God today, then He will love me.”

Are these thoughts that you have?

With these kinds of thoughts, I can doubt my salvation. I can doubt God’s love. I can be discontent with where God has put me in my race of faith and try to run it in my own strength. I can start to think evil of others and fear men instead of God. So, what the gospel does is that it corrects my thinking of my salvation, my relationships, and my trials.

Tool written by: Sarah Roe

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5 Questions About Eternity DVD

dvdcoverAre you looking for another creative way to share the gospel with a relative or close friend?

Do your co-workers or fellow students know you're a Christian, but because of time or religious restrictions you haven't had the opportunity to explain the gospel clearly to them?

Galkin Evangelistic Ministries would like to share a tool that may help you communicate the gospel to those you care about.

Over the past year, we have produced a gospel video series called 5 Questions About Eternity. It walks through the gospel by answering five questions:
1. Who is God?
2. How does God communicate Himself to us?
3. Why did God make us?
4. Do you have a relationship with God?
5. How does God provide a way for you to have a relationship with Him?


Now for the first time ever, this video series can be purchased as a DVD. We hope the DVD will be a blessing to you as you hand it out to lost loved ones or visitors at your church. It could even be used as a Sunday school or small group evangelistic video series. The possibilities are endless. We just want to get a tool into your hands for furtherance of the gospel. To purchase this DVD for $2.99, click here.


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Gospel Terminology


The Gospel of Jesus Christ changes everything in our lives. It is so important to understand it accurately from Scripture. Often we can gloss over the terminology that is used while discussing the Gospel and never stop to consider what those terms actually mean. This list, although not exhaustive, will hopefully be a help to you as you consider a deeper study of what all took place in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are probably better and more concise definitions of these terms and I know there are scores more verses to support each one. Hopefully this list can serve as a good jump start into a deeper understanding of what Jesus has done for you. Click here to download the list.

-Josh Roland


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