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All Things Crucified



During the fall semester, the team was reading through A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent – a book of meditations on the Gospel. Through meditation on the person of Jesus, our souls were refreshed and encouraged. Recently Christy did a workshop on being crucified with Christ. We would like to provide one of the meditations below. Click here to read this article.


Christ Only, Always


The Lord has graciously allowed us to finish our recording Christ Only, Always. We will start shipping out the orders very soon. It is a compilation of mostly vocal and some instrumental numbers. Click here to take advantage of this great tool for your home. We pray that it will be a blessing to you and your families and it will help you keep Christ first, Christ Only, Always.

Quicken Me

tlapsefallweb.jpgThere are times in every life when circumstances or emotions seem to dry up the very soil of our lives. Perhaps times when life seems pointless, or even despairing. It is at moments like these that we must turn to the fountain of life - Jesus Christ. We need to go scripture and like David, pray for the quickening hand of God. Here is some helpful instruction on why we should pray that God would quicken us. The verses are taken from Psalm 119 - use them in your prayer life. Beg God to quicken and revive you in your walk.

Why Am I So Angry?

fist_on_table.jpg Have you ever asked yourself this question?  Or maybe, “Why did I just get so angry?  I’m not usually like that.”  Or, “I wonder what it is about that person that just seems to rub me the wrong way?”  We all have our bouts with anger, but the bigger questions that need to be answered are:  Where does this anger come from and what does it reveal about me?

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Praying the Lord's Prayer

praying hands   Have you ever thought about how many people in the world pray? It seems that everyone prays to someone or something. Many people even have prayers memorized so that they can rattle them off quickly. But how do we pray? How can we know we are really praying and not just speaking useless words? As believers, we have a divine model given for us in Scripture. This model was not given by anyone, but by the Lord of prayer Himself. Christ said, "Pray in this manner." Matt. 6:9 . I hope and pray that this tool will help in your quest to meaningful and effective prayers.

Praying God's Word for the Unsaved

praying_hands1.jpg Romans 10:17 reminds us that "faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God."  When praying for the unsaved that we love it is easy to lose hope.  What is needed in many of our prayer lives is a solid dose of God's Word.  Please take the following passages and pray through them with the names of those that you are burdended for.  Read on to see the verses and prayer examples.  

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