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Consider Him Promo

considerhimccOur newest recording, Consider Him, is now available for purchase. We pray that the gospel centered words and tunes will be a blessing to you.

For a limited time only, the recording will be available for $11.25. After January 10, 2011, the recording goes back to its original price, $13.99.

To purchase a physical copy or digitally download your copy of Consider Him, click here!

To watch a video promo for the CD, click here.



psalmsthumbI want to let you know about a CD that has been a huge blessing to my family: Psalms by Kevin Inafuku. Kevin is a dear friend of mine and I have been convicted and challenged by the Word-filled lyrics of his latest album. My family already has the whole CD memorized. I find it is essential to have Godly music in my house. It really changes the heart to be more like Christ. Purchase your copy today by following this link.

-Will Galkin


Biography of God

biographygodHave you wondered if your prayers lack depth?  Do you ever get weary being spiritually shallow?  Let the Word of God change the way you think about God.  Take the challenge of reading one Psalm a day and building your own biography of God.  Below is a brief explanation and example of how to approach a Psalm and add it to your biography of God.

Click here to download the PDF "Developing a Biography of God from the Psalms."


The Importance of Defining Deity

biblecandleBeing an uncle of 25 nieces and nephews, a child speaking the incorrect word while trying to explain what he saw or what he experienced is a commonality. A child says that he has a “hot”, when he has a fever. A laugh might escape our lips when a foreigner tries to tell us how “exciting” he is to see us. The misuse of words is something we would expect of a young child, or a person who is learning a new language. However, when a grown adult is using the wrong words, the only laugh that might escape our lips is one of mockery or scorn.

As we grow older and as we start discussing more important topics, it is crucial that we use the correct words. We would not like it if a physician was stumbling over the meanings and definitions of terms during a visit. How important is it then, when discussing things of eternal value, that we define our terms.

Click here to download the PDF of "The Importance of Defining Deity."


Be Not Conformed - Will Galkin

worldconformed.pngThe world's mindset is appealing, and if we aren't careful we can allow this culture to change our worldview. As Christians, Romans 12 tells us not to be conformed to this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

But, how does all that work out?

Download this sermon to hear a message on Romans 12 .


Why we don't pray - Will Galkin

girlpraying.jpgSitting in church yesterday I found it difficult to listen. My brain was spinning. Responsibilities and cares were occupying my thoughts. Rather than miss was a wonderful sermon I took a few moments and jotted down 15 (I added 2 more later) items that were running my mind. I then committed to the Lord to be thankful for these items as they are God's means of getting me to pray. This morning the Lord reminded me of a book I had read a couple of years ago.

In his book A Call to Spiritual Reformation, D. A. Carson gives four reasons why we don't pray. I thought that some would enjoy looking over his thoughts. Click here for a PDF of why we don't pray.


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