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Reconciliation | Gospel Defined


As humans, we are relational beings. We desperately search for connection in many places, but nothing supplies the deep connection that we search for. Something is missing.

Although the ultimate relationship we crave is found in God, our sin separates us from Him and dooms us to an eternity of isolation.

Jesus came with the answer to our need, and the reconciliation He provided is the greatest gift we could ever receive. He alone is the way to be made right with God, and He offers Himself freely to all who ask.


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Regeneration | Gospel Defined


Although we are all born spiritually dead, Jesus came to give us abundant life! When one trusts in Christ, more happens than a simple conversion of religions. In reality, regeneration occurs - a new life is created! We hope you enjoy Aaron Coffey’s testimony as he tells of how he found life in Christ.

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Substitutionary Atonement | Gospel Defined


God demands absolutely flawless perfection from you — anything short of that is punishable by eternal death. We are all held accountable to pay this death sentence, with no way to work back to flawless perfection.

But God, in His love, came as Jesus Christ to pay the debt. The Perfect One, who bore the punishment of the imperfect, offers this “substitutionary atonement” to all who ask to receive it.

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Intro | Gospel Defined


Many say that they understand, and even accept, the gospel of Jesus Christ. But what does the “gospel” really mean? We at 4theGospel are releasing a new video series this fall in order to help Christians understand, believe, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Believers must be able to define the gospel. So come join us in this “Gospel Defined” series as we dive deep into this ever-important concept: “What is the GOSPEL?"

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Logical Fallacies Part 2


In part one of this discussion, we showed how we could be susceptible to illogical reasoning in our communication of Christ to others.Because Christians have the truth of the Word of God, they must not be shy about learning from it and leaning on it. Ours is not an uninformed faith.

However, in the realm of logic, one could claim that Christians are guilty of the logical fallacy of circular reasoning. As an example, if you were to be asked to prove that the Bible is true, how would you respond? Certainly, you could show proofs of biblical prophecies fulfilled, of the historicity of biblical events based on archaeological evidence, or of documented accounts of the risen Christ. But would any amount of evidence serve to ultimately prove the veracity of God’s Word?

In this tool, Aaron Boyce takes a closer look at the issue of circular reasoning.

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A Short Video Series - Disicpleship

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