Wisdom From Above
This 4 part sermon series is an indepth study of James 3:13-4:10. Will teaches from the Word of God how we can have wisdom from above in every circumstance of life. All of life is a trial, and responding in humble submission to God in those trials is what wisdom from above is all about.
Gospel Sermons
These sermons explain the good news of Jesus Christ to those who do not yet have a relationship with God.
Christian Living Sermons
The gospel of Jesus Christ is the means by which we continue in a relationship with God. The sermons you will find here are filled with truths to help us be more like Christ.
Gospel Grid Series
Sometimes Christians can feel overwhelmed or under equipped when taking the gospel to those around them. We can be burdened about everyone and end up reaching no one. What is needed is a Gospel Grid. This series of messages comes from a pre-service series by Will Galkin.