Many people ask me if I enjoy traveling. Perhaps they mean to ask whether I’m annoyed by moving places every week, or whether it’s hard to do school on the road, or if I like seeing all the places I go. To all of which my conscience screams when I answer with a simple yes or no. So, here’s a preemptive thanks for listening (or rather reading) past the first couple of sentences where I haven’t given you a one-word answer.

My purpose here is to answer some loving questions from inquisitive friends, to get my own thoughts untangled and laid out, and to thank God for His faithfulness all these years. You see, these past seventeen years have taken me all around the nation with my family and team of adults. When asked to come, our family and team (Galkin Evangelistic Ministries) spends about a week with a church, encouraging believers by coming alongside them as they seek to be in the Word and create gospel opportunities. My dad will normally speak to the adults each night from the Bible, while my siblings and I help the Team run the kids’ and teens’ ministries. Many times, we will also end the week of music and messages with an Irish concert where the gospel is explained. In the midst of these weeks, my siblings and I also squeeze in schoolwork each day. Traveling all across the nation in our 5thwheel trailer, we follow this chock-full schedule almost every single week of the school year. Then, during the summers, my family lands in Salt Lake City, UT where my dad is one of the pastors at Gospel Grace Church. The summer brings a whole new rhythm to our lives as we invest in and are invested in by our own local church.

Throughout these past couple of years Dad has been both a pastor in SLC and the head of GEM. But, God has made it clear that Dad is supposed to focus his energies on one or the other. And so, coming summer of 2019, we’ll move into our Salt Lake house and out of our trailer for the last time. When my family was first talking and praying about this probable transition, a flood of emotions bombarded my mind. You would think I’d be used to moving by now. Well, this move is going to be slightly different, and slightly more life-altering. And I pray that it is.

I could never communicate the scope of how much I will miss traveling. There are certain memories about it that will always tug at my soul: Late-night devos with the fam stretching even later with laughter, the car rides with nothing to do but stare out the window, endless inside jokes with the team, and yes, even the all-too-often lasagna. But, I’m praying that this death of an era will bring much life in its place. Last year, I read the classic Tale of Two Cities. I was not let down when, by the end of the book in good Dickens fashion, his tangle of characters and story lines were transformed into a masterpiece. Though I’m getting ready to trek into the unfamiliar (and from my perspective - uncharted) territory of college life and all that comes with it, I am learning to rest in the fact that my story has been crafted by an all-knowing Author. This truth I’m in the process of learning can’t be fully learned without change.

I’m almost half way through my Senior year. As far as college decisions go, I haven’t made any big ones yet, but am working on narrowing down my options and interests. This past year or two I’ve been able to check out quite a few colleges and have enjoyed the experience of seeing some options first hand. If you think of it, I would appreciate your prayers for this specific area of my life – along with everything else of course!

Please don’t think that this update encapsulates fully the wide array of emotions I (or even we) have about this last year on the road. As a friend told me, the full reality probably won’t hit me until I’m sitting in my dorm room itching to just go somewhere - anywhere. But for now, I hope this gave you a little taste of what God is doing in my life. It’s been a ride!

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