Team Training | Fall 2015


August 1 - September 19, 2015

For the past three weeks, our team has been chugging away with getting things done as we prepare to hit the road this weekend. Take a peek to see some things that we have been working on:

  • Music Practice...and lots of it! Thanks to Christy, Daniel, and Shannon, everything has been very organized and efficient. We have been able to gel quite well together as we figured out who plays, who sings, and who needs to learn new instruments!
  • Packing Prep: helping the Galkins organize, clean, and pack up their house; cleaning and packing their trailer; cleaning and re-organizing the vehicles and cargo trailer.
  • Team Meetings: we meet every morning to pray, read from Scripture, and talk about a few specific topics. Every one of us have been so grateful for these times set aside for learning, which then leads to very practical application. It truly has been a blessing to learn together and to grow together as a team.
  • GGC Ministry: our team has had several opportunities to serve with several ministry opportunities at Gospel Grace Church here in Salt Lake City. To see the burdens of church members and to partner with them for a time to serve in those areas has been both an encouragement and challenge for us. We had the opportunities of participating in a Rescue Mission service+dinner, witnessing outreaches, hiking and playing sports with students from the University of Utah, and being involved with Community Groups each Wednesday with the church body in different homes.
  • The Galkins hosted a *Backyard Bluegrass* event at their home last weekend for friends, family, and neighbors in their community. The team performed some fun, Irish folk songs, we had some great conversations with those who attended, and everyone had plenty of incredible food! What could be better then fellowship, fun music, outdoor games, burgers, desserts, and a beautiful evening? Thankful for the opportunity to continue investing in individuals' lives for the Gospel in differet ways. (pc:AaronBoyce)
  • CAMPING! (Post to follow) Honestly, is there truly a better way to bond as a team?

As we finish packing up and finalizing details, we would greatly appreciate prayer...that we all would stay focused on what matters, that we would love and serve each other despite the approaching deadline, that we would be preparing our hearts and minds--as a group and individually--for these next nine weeks, and that Christ would be glorified.

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