What defines you?

definethumbI’m writing this article as the New York Giants take on the Dallas Cowboys (hopefully ending in a win for the Giants). If I asked you to define who Eli Manning is, you may respond with, “He’s a football player,” “He’s the quarterback for the New York Giants,” or “He’s a seasoned eight year quarterback who has over 26,000 passing yards in the record books.” Without knowing him personally, these are the immediate things that define who he is in our culture.

This semester I was challenged with the question of what defines me. What am I living for? What am I really on this earth for? I don’t think these thoughts came from one particular wake-up-call moment. These thoughts have been in process for quite awhile, and this semester they have caused me to define my life purpose.

Author Francis Chan helped me realize that I don’t want an “American-Dream Christianity;” author Michael Emlet challenged me to go after Bible knowledge and theology; editing 5 Questions About Eternity (an in-process gospel tract video series) made me answer what the most important questions in life are, because our postmodern culture interprets life to be all about what makes them happy; and the Lord put it all together through the reading of His Word and the moving of the Holy Spirit.

Because I am a wicked sinner saved by God’s grace, my response is to live my life in light of my justification, reconciliation, and sanctification. So, I live my life and exist for the Glory of God. But that’s the surface life purpose statement that I grew up learning. At some point this purpose statement had to be matured and unpacked or I would coast through life with no grounded purpose to why I live. So in year twenty-four of my life, I’ve unpacked my purpose to be glorifying God through worship, evangelism to the lost, and the discipleship of other believers. These things give me a reason to live each day. I desire my life to be defined by these things. So whether I’m spending time in prayer and reading God’s word, editing a video, hanging out with a friend, or just living life in any area I can have a purpose statement to back up my actions; to back up my existence! So when people are asked to define Laura Kennedy, by the abundant grace of God, they can communicate the very things that I live for.

So what is your purpose statement? What things define you as a person? How will you live out this new life you have in Christ?

-Laura Kennedy

P.S. In case you were curious, the Giants beat the Cowboys, 37 to 34 with an unbelievable field goal block in the last few seconds by Giants #90, Jason Pierre Paul. :)

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