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Life on the road is never boring! Whether it's a birthday party or a fall outing, read these articles to hear about the recent fun the team has been having.

Will's 40th

willsbirthday40So, did you ever think that we could actually surprise Will Galkin? You’re right: it’s almost totally impossible. Unless, of course, you are his wife and you know his schedule like the back of your hand. So, yes, it worked. We surprised Will. Well, up until the last 2 seconds anyway. Here is how it all happened. . .

Christy decided in January to have friends of Will’s from all around the world send in short birthday videos. These videos would be put in a sequence together, by our very own Laura Kennedy, and then shown to Will at his birthday. This however, was the only surprise that was planned. Not until Anna Grace’s birthday planning did the rest of Will's birthday plan form in our brains.

One day, the team girls decided that we were going to give Anna Grace a sum of money and a shopping day with all of us. We weren’t sure when that day would be, but it would have a great part in Will’s surprise party. On that same day, Christy met with the team while Will was speaking somewhere else. It was then decided that the Thursday before his birthday would be the perfect day for the party and then the following Friday would be a great day to go shopping with Anna Grace. It was all set and ready to go, but we didn’t think we would be able to pull off the surprise completely.

However, on the week of the party, we were informed of a luncheon that we had not known about. So, our plan changed in a matter of minutes. Over an iPhone group text, Christy and Caroline decided that we would make Will believe that we were still taking Anna Grace out shopping that Friday morning, when, in fact, the girls would pick up Anna and we would decorate and prepare for a surprise party for Will. Not to mention, we were also recording in the studio on Tuesday and Wednesday, so that was also on our plates. This also worked out well as the down time at the studio was used for Sarah and Eliana to make trips to the store for black decorations.

Friday morning, Reba and Sarah picked up Anna and we headed to the church. Reba parked her car in the back and we started decorating the room. While we were decorating, the guys had distracted Will by holding him back to record a voice over for a video. It all seemed perfect, as we got closer to the time when he would be done recording. Black was everywhere in the decorations and clothing. Then, people starting bringing in food and waiting. Waiting. . . waiting. . . waiting. For 45 minutes we kept quite in the room and tried to appease the children as they got bored. Finally, when the assistant pastor told him he had to take him to the other room, he figured it out. He came to the room and we surprised him! We had a wonderful time as a team and loved getting to celebrate a wonderful friend’s 40th birthday.

-Sarah Roe


Awake My Soul

awakemysoulWe are pleased to announce the release of a new piano book by our own Reba Snyder, Awake My Soul. This book is a collection of hymns and, as Reba says, "songs that have helped my own heart draw near to God."

While traveling in evangelism and working at Northland Camp for the past eight years, I have played in services almost every night for ten months out of the year. Even though as a pianist, I play and often do not sing, I have found the vital importance of knowing the text and message of the songs I am playing. Whether in a worship service or in personal playing, the piano can be used as a tool to carry the affections of a believer into the worship of God. This book is a collection of songs that have helped my own heart draw near to God.

It is my desire and prayer that these nine songs would awaken your soul to big thoughts about God. I have included a few texts but hope that you would also look up the texts to these songs. May they bring you and your listeners into the worship of our great God.

-Reba Snyder

Click here to order your copy of this book.

Included in the book is a code for an MP3 download of the songs performed by Reba Snyder.


Day in DC 2013

dayindclowThe folks at Engleside Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA were so kind to give us a day off to spend in DC. The single team members were able to see the Newseum in the morning before lunch. This journalism and news museum was very well done. It had a great display of the Berlin Wall, a 9/11 memorial, a display and explanation of Pulitzer prize winning photos from the last fifty years, even a section where you could look at old newspapers from the 1400's on up.

We all met up for lunch in the middle of the city, and then the single team members looked around at the incredible monuments. We spent the next few hours in the Holocaust museum. I had never been to this museum, so I was blown away at the history living and breathing inside this building. I came away with a better knowledge of the overall historical aspects of the Holocaust. But I also was greatly impacted by little stories that I did not know, and the visuals that I had never seen. If you have never been to the Holocaust Museum, I highly recommend it. It’s very humbling and sobering, but incredible.

We ended our day near China Town and ate at a unique South African restaurant, then laid our heads to rest for the next day of traveling.

-Laura Kennedy


God Provides!

churchcouchlowGod is a great provider and protector!

Many times we let you know what is going on currently on our team and what churches we have been to, but this time we will be telling a story.

A few weeks ago we pulled into Fairview Baptist Church in Decatur, Alabama. We were amazed as we turned into the lot to see an amazingly beautiful church building. Some of us couldn’t help, but ask how God provided this building. We were expecting to hear something different than what we heard. Pastor began to tell us that this church was not their original building, but their church had burned in a tragic fire on December 14, 2010. One Wednesday night after every one had gone home, something overheated in the attic and started the fire. There were church members that lived close and saw the fire. As the word was spread, the church members arrived at the devastating and unhopeful scene. How would God provide a whole new building? A quote from their website states this, “These fires may have destroyed our beautiful sanctuary, and meeting place, but they have not destroyed what God is doing here at Fairview.” God was at work.

Insurance paid for some of the damages, but it wouldn’t be enough to replace what had burned. Despite the low budget, they started looking to build another building or to find a vacant building. As the months passed, they kept searching until they saw one particular church building that had been foreclosed. This gave Fairview a wonderful opportunity for a great deal. They knew what money they had, but didn’t know how far it would go. After months of praying and asking, God gave them this church building for a price lower than what insurance had given for the burnt building. They were able to buy the building debt free and with extra to pay for utilities for a number of months! God had been tremendously kind to this church and had given exceedingly abundantly of what this church had even hoped for.

Even this week we are in yet another church that had a fire in the past year, and God provided for them as well. He is so kind!

This is not uncommon for God to provide for His children, yet we forget what He has ultimately provided for us through the sacrifice of His Son. We have everything in God. He loves to provide for His own.

-Sarah Roe


Evi's 2nd Birthday!

evi2bdIt's hard to believe that it was just two years ago that I first held my little girl. In some ways, it seems like ages ago--how little I knew and how different life was. In other ways, I can't believe that little newborn is now running around, talking, counting, and singing.

We had a fun time celebrating Evi's birthday--a "Pooh" party! We have built-in birthday party attendees with the team around, so we all enjoyed an excuse to eat some good food, sing, and give gifts. I wish I could pick my all-time favorite memory of Evi to share with you all--but it seems like my favorite times with her are all the little things that bottled up together make a wonderful and blessed two years. Our biggest prayer for Evangeline Mercy is that she accepts Christ as her Savior and submits her life to His will--that she would live out her name "Bearer of the Gospel of Mercy". Would you mind taking a minute to pray that for her? Happy Birthday, Evi!

-Caroline Roland


Pinch & Punch


Pinch and Punch day. It's an Australian tradition that was passed down through the Pettit Team thanks to Ausie born team members, Peter and Elizabeth Blake. On the first of every month we pinch and punch each other and whoever pinches and punches first wins. Check out the latest Galkin Digital Short about this crazy day we celebrate.


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