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Life on the road is never boring! Whether it's a birthday party or a fall outing, read these articles to hear about the recent fun the team has been having.

Recording Week


Next stop: Aire Born Studios, Indianapolis, IN, to produce the team’s sixth recording. A year and a half of preparation has gone into this project so far, and we are excited to see how God will use it.

So how do we prepare for a recording?

Well first off, we constantly keep an ear out for expressive, doctrinally rich songs that would fit well alongside the other songs we use in local churches each week. Once we have a good candidate, we start the arranging process by asking, “Which voices and instruments would fit best?”

Then, either one person or a group works to figure out a basic structure: Who plays during the intro? What’s the climax of the song? Should we include a bridge? A key change?

After we have this rough battle plan, everyone gets together for practice sessions in which we familiarize ourselves with the notes and lyrics, find awkward spots to fix, try new ideas, and listen for blend and balance. It is equal parts exhilarating and exhausting.

Right now, we are putting the finishing touches on a new song or two, while continuing to polish the songs we have been using in churches for months. On Friday, we start the 2-day drive from St. John, New Brunswick to Indianapolis, and on Monday morning, we start recording!

As we enter the recording studio, we ask that individuals would partner with us in prayer for this recording. We ask that they pray for safety as we drive many miles, for our health and endurance, and that we will trust God and be gracious to each other during an intense week. We are looking forward to what God will do through this recording.

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Spring '14 Recap

whats_happening_march_25It is unbelievable how time just escapes us! Here we are with nine weeks behind us and seven left of our traveling year.

We started off the year in Wisconsin at Brookside Baptist Church. We enjoyed the time spent there and the people were a blessing, but we were glad to leave the cold and head down to Florida for the next six weeks. During our weeks in Florida, our team was able to experience a bit of the south.  Twice we had the privilege of eating a low country boil and our first week we experienced “gigging” (which is basically spear fishing on a pontoon boat). For many of us, this was our first time gigging and we had a blast!

The next five weeks in Florida was spent serving churches and even small schools with chapels throughout the week. We were burdened to see people come to the Lord. God graciously allowed us to see many confessions of faith and He also kindly allowed us to see people who had started coming to the churches a few years ago, still be faithfully coming and growing in the Word.

After those weeks we headed to Georgia for a week before we headed up to Greenville for a week of meetings at Heritage Bible Church and a Spring break.  During our week off we split off and rested before we got back together to finish this year. When we met together again we had not only one, but two engagements to celebrate! Jon Baker got engaged to Lauren Samuels and Nate Loggans got engaged to Jessica Ball. A lot can happen in one week and we are excited to see where God leads both of these couples.

As we continue our travels we covet your prayers for safety, but also for growth in the church and in our personal walk with the Lord. We look forward to seeing God’s faithfulness as we finish.


Meet Daniel Mulder

meet_daniel_page2As the team gathers back together for the spring tour, we are excited for the opportunity to serve and blessed to have Daniel Mulder as a new team member. Hailing from Wisconsin, Daniel enjoys music, reading, and traveling. Daniel will be joining the team as an accompanist, music arranger, and a Spanish teacher for the children. Meet Daniel in this video.

Thank You for Praying

prayercard_pagePrayer is the most important way you can support us

We give thanks to God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you, Since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus, and of the love [which ye have] to all the saints, For the hope which is laid up for you in heaven, whereof ye heard before in the word of the truth of the gospel;Colossians 1:3-5

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Meet Nate Loggans


Meet one our newest team members, Nate Loggans. Hailing from Watertown, WI, Nate enjoys sports, theology, and web design. As Nate joins the team he will be serving in music, the children’s program, and as our website coordinator. Meet Nate in this video.


Meet Jessica Garrison


Meet Jessica Garrison, one our newest team members. Hailing from Wisconsin, Jessica enjoys music, running, and coffee. Jessica will be joining the team as our new pianist and music coordinator. Meet Jessica in this video.


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