Running the Race...literally


Pounding. Breathing. Sweating. Grabbing water. Eating energy chews. Putting one foot in front of the other. Concentrating on mental over pain. Having determination. And pushing for perseverance.

A week after we all arrived in SLC, our team plus a few friends got up before the sun was even awake to run a half-marathon down Big Cottonwood Canyon. With the starting line about 9-10 miles up the canyon, we all were huddled together under our space blankets while waiting. At 5:45am, the sun still wasn't up and the chill was a little biting. So many mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness were floating around everywhere. While we waited with anticipation for the 6:45am start time, we talked, laughed, and ran in place to try and warm up.

"How are you doing??"
"I'm nerrrrvous!"
"I'm excited! What about you?"
"I'm cold."
"I'm ready...let's go!!"

And so we began! We headed down the canyon at our own paces for about 10 miles until it leveled out into town the last 3 or so miles where we pushed with whatever energy we had left until the final stretch. Along the way, we passed runners, runners passed us, had sideline cheerleaders, received water and fuel from volunteers, and tried to smile at least once for the photographers. The views, I tell you, were absolutely beatiful as the sun rose above the canyon!

Between the times of 1:38 and 2:07, we all FINISHED the course! {Praise the Lord!} Thankful for smooth runs and no injuries...just the normal wear-and-tear soreness that lasts for about 1-500 days!


We all left the finish line area wearing the medals around our necks, taking a couple pictures, hi-fiving each other, laughing about our individual run stories, and [some of us] having a hard time believing that we had just run over THIRTEEN miles STRAIGHT for the very first time in our lives!

Such a great opportunity to do an event like this all together. From training throughout the summer, to our taper/wind-down week, to being a part of each other's race day all played a role in us becoming better friendsĀ and making new ones!

So go pick up a hobby that others can join you in....or join someone else's hobby! You may discover that you actually enjoy what they love, too!

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