Happy Birthday to Christy!


{February 12th}

...was a special occasion…Christy Galkin’s birthday! Let me tell all you readers right now, Christy Galkin is one special lady. Our team wouldn’t be what it is without her.

HAPPY {belated} BIRTHDAY, CHRISTY! We love you and are thankful for you!…not just for what you do and the things that you “add” to each of our lives, but simply thankful for just YOU and who you are!

Christy is genuine, funny, faithful, diligent, determined, gentle, kind, sweet, patient, joy-filled. She is an example of a faithful Christian who strives after her Savior, Who then shines brightly through her. Christ is displayed through her words, her actions, and even in how she responds to both everyday “normal” life and difficult circumstances.

Being a Christian and living a life for Christ doesn’t happen by chance or with a “go with the flow” attitude. There’s an intentionality with this life. Christ never promised us an easy going life. He never promised us smooth sailing after surrendering to following Him. No, He tells us to pick up our cross and follow Him. There’s a cost to following Jesus and living for Him. Ah, but Jesus is worth it. The gospel is worth it. Eternity is worth it. First Peter tells us of the hope that we do have because of Christ. We’re not walking this journey alone. Because of Christ—because of God’s love for me—I can walk through this life and face whatever it brings with a resolve. Sure, there will be times that I trip and fall, but the Lord’s grace is sufficient and His mercies are new every. single. morning. to give me strength to get back up and keep walking in obedience. Christ is enough.

We are so thankful for Christy! Thanks for going hard after the Lord and steadily pursuing Him even with the roller coaster twists and turns this life brings. You are a blessing.

As a team member and friend of Christy’s, I am personally extra thankful for her example and roles as a woman (especially in a ministry setting); her daily, faithful walk with Christ (both in the highs and lows); her example of striving to put God and His truth first; her huge heart for any and all people and going after them; her AMAZING white chicken chili!!!! Your friendship is a gift, Christy! Thanks for loving me when I’m unloving. Thanks for being friends with me when I’m unfriendly. Thanks for pouring into me when I’m not always receptive. You challenge me to want to be more like Christ! I think that down the road as I will look back, I am going to realize just how much MORE of a gift these years on the road together have been. It’s easy to take for granted the busy “here and now”, but I praise God for the incredible blessings He’s giving right now in this unique setting and alllllll that goes into road+church ministry. Thankful for how He is using you and your pursuit of Him to display Christ every day. To another year of God keeping you and you growing deeper in your love for Him!  ~BW


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