January 2018 ~ Update on the New Year


Dear Friends,

Going into the holiday season and break from traveling, our team knew that life’s pace and schedule would change, so we all began making some goals for our break to be proactive versus passive. Some goals included intentional relationship time, study time, recreational time, and personal time.

The team spread out across the states to be with their families, and our Galkin family spent time in both Georgia (with extended family) and Florida (where we would begin our spring semester). Being with family is precious, and we are thankful for the sweet times we had together. I (Will) was able to continue working on classes over the holidays for my doctorate degree. Having devoted time to studying and working through those assignments was a blessing. Visiting the Florida coast for a few days was an extra blessing for our family. One of our favorite memories was just being all together as a family and reading our different books at the beach.

As our team came back together the first week of January, we had a sweet time reflecting on what God has done in the past year, and to look ahead at our vision for 2018 as individuals and as a team.

  • Preaching the gospel to all peoples

We do not categorize ourselves as a music team. Nor a program team. Nor an event team. But by God’s grace, as we partner in ministry with local churches, we use music to share the gospel; we use program tools to promote the gospel; and we use events to spread the gospel. We’re a gospel team. And when we begin losing sight of that, our focus is off, our goals become skewed, and we cannot love freely as we ought. Praise God for a new semester to share the gospel of Christ with others!

  • Promoting the growth of healthy churches

Our desire is to partner—link arms—in ministry with local churches throughout the states. As we strive to be faithful with the tasks that the Lord has given each of us, our desire is to see churches grow and be healthy. We truly count it a privilege to serve alongside each church body for the furtherance of the gospel.

  • For the glory of God

What is our life? James 4 talks about our lives being a vapor—a mist. Time vanishes quickly, and we are not guaranteed tomorrow. So what we do today as unto the Lord matters in the view of eternity. The question we have to ask is, “Are my plans and decisions ‘me-focused’ and self-fulfilling, or are they ‘kingdom-focused’?” We try to create our own kingdoms in vain, because the kingdom of God is the one that lasts. As we enter into this new semester, we want our motives to be reminded of working as unto the Lord, to be eternity-minded, to love others intentionally, and to live to please God, not others.

As we enter 2018, may we all strive to live each day and not waste our life. May we live for the kingdom of God. Would you pray along with us that we would faithfully and humbling serve in this new year?

For the Gospel,

The Galkin Team

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