On Water and On Land


Twin Falls, Idaho

“You guys are spoiled!” This was Will’s comment to the team after taking us kayaking and running a 5k in the same weekend. There is a beautiful canyon in Twin Falls, ID called the Snake River Canyon. On Friday the team grabbed some tandem kayaks and went down the river. We raced, had water battles, had a melodious serenade by Spencer who stood up in his kayak, which of course made him the next target for splashing! Laughter with friends is a gift, and we are thankful that this team is one that laughs together. Once we kayaked up river, we stopped at a rocky shoals area. The water was low enough that we could get out, sit on the dry rocks, and eat the lunches we packed. Exploration after lunch was only natural. So we set off to explore the pools of water, different rocks, and jump-off points that were exposed due to lower water levels. Eventually, we found the perfect spot on the rocks for everyone to do cannonballs off of into the water. Then we made our way back to the kayaks and headed back down the river. The sights of the canyon were beautiful. We were thankful for the opportunity to enjoy another large, yet small piece of God’s amazing creation together.

Saturday morning, we arrived at the rim of Snake River Canyon. We had all signed up to run (or walk) a Color Splash 5k together. According to the man opening the race, this was their “first, annual Color Splash.” A few of the team members shared a chuckle. We each grabbed our allotted color packet, only one, while Will went ahead and asked for extra. Then a pre-race color war erupted among us with laughter! There was one casualty inflicted by Shannon upon the poor, unsuspecting Jessica; as powder flew from every which direction, it traveled along the line of sight and made its way into the eyes! However, in Shannon’s defense it was innocently unintentional. As always, laughter could be heard from everyone in the group. As each team member finished the race, the welcoming party for the remaining members grew until we were larger and cheering more loudly than the workers waiting to throw color on the runners crossing the finish line! We concluded the event with another epic color battle and much laughter: no casualties this time!


We have tracked many miles since Twin Falls, ID, and our journey is far from over! In the last three weeks, we have traveled over 2,000 miles. We are so thankful for the safety God has given us and never want to take that for granted. We also praise God for these times of fun and laughter, for they are merely extensions of His grace displaying His love and delight in His children. 

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