Elementary Schools, Coffee, and Cola War!



Beth Haven Baptist Church

The Lord opened up the incredible opportunity for us to go into two elementary schools at the beginning of the week. The team was able to bring in many of their instruments and perform some fun blue grass songs for the students. At the end of the interactive performances, the students were invited to one of the events that Beth Haven Baptist was hosting during the week. It was a way for us to reach out to the community, help build a relationship between the church and the school, and to invite others to hear a clear Gospel message. We are praising the Lord for His giving us an open door to invite students from public schools to hear about Christ.

Following a midweek Irish concert, the church hosted a short reception of cookies, coffee, and hot chocolate. It was the perfect opportunity to have good conversations about the Gospel that had been presented during the service. We are ever rejoicing for the profession of faith that was made that evening!

We had our first teen Cola War of the semester at Beth Haven during the week! By word of mouth, shared fliers, and area canvassing, we had an eventful evening. Although pizza and competitions are exciting and fun, the highlight was the presentation of the Gospel and the focused attention that the teens had during the message. Praising the Lord for the number of gospel-centered conversations that came about because of that. The following evening, our team closed out the week with a family-centered FUN night! Those present, whether in the adult or children's services, heard a clear message from God's Word concerning Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice.

As we look back over our time serving with Beth Haven, we were encouraged by the relationships that were formed, challenged in our own Christian walks through the teachings, and grateful for another opportunity to serve our Lord alongside this body of believers.

Thank you, Beth Haven Baptist, for your hospitality, encouragement, and servant-spirit during our time with you all!

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