Recitals and Birthdays

kidconcertWe got to enjoy one of my favorite yearly events on the team about a month ago--the Galkin recital. It was wonderful to hear the kids quote a passage from James, play their instruments, and receive recognition for their hard work during the school year. I think the highlight was probably a wonderful performance of "Jesus Loves Me" by the kids--Anna Grace on violin, William on guitar, Lilly on penny whistle, and David on cello. (Click here to see a video of the song on our Facebook page). Even little Evi received a certificate for her three months of life, and learning to hold her head up!--unfortunately her naptime came before the presentation, so she missed out on all the glory. ;)

A few weeks ago, we got to celebrate two special birthdays--Sarah's 25th and David's 5th! We had a little party in the trailer, complete with a fighter jet cake and a game of "pin the tail on the donkey". We enjoyed getting to tell Sarah and David what we appreciate about them. They got some pretty cool gifts too! David had asked for "a dagger, a bow and arrow set, and a fox". Well, he got that and more--some of the team members were able to get him a little pool! He was pretty fact, I saw him and Eliana playing in it this morning, even though I'm pretty sure the water was freezing. We love birthdays, and we love David and Sarah! Happy Birthday!

-Caroline Roland

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