Pine Island, Minnesota


Cornerstone Baptist Church

March 17-21, 2019

Driving from Indiana to Minnesota was quite the climate and terrain change! We are SO thankful that we did not have to drive this route even just a few weeks beforehand because of all the winter weather their area has been getting. The mid-northwest has been slammed with some brutal winter weather this season. We caught it right as the weather turned and was beginning to melt. The view was completely iced white when we pulled in with a bitter, biting wind as we unloaded and set up the trailers. As the week went on, the days went into the 40s and helped melt all the ice and snow.

Our week with Cornerstone was a sweet one! Pastor Tim Graham and his family are such kind folks. We loved spending time with them over meals and talks, while they also kindly hosted the Andrews on our team. Thankful for a week of teen preservices and main services. Getting to hang out with their teens and just play games together, study the word, and pray for each other was a blessing. They have a sweet group of youth! Thankful for an Irish Concert service where several friends and guests attended with a DELICIOUS pie fellowship following! Sweet time of fellowship!

On our last day in Pine Island, the Galkin kids had their end of year music recital combined with Anna Grace’s high school ceremony and celebration. It was a sweet, sweet time. The kids did a wonderful job on their music and even incorporated us in some of their worship songs. Beautiful!

Anna Grace’s graduation ceremony was memorable, sweet, a display of God’s grace, and a wonderful time to reflect on how God has worked in her life all these years. Jordan and Shannon Allen shared along with Will and Christy some words of wisdom, grace, and advice for the new graduate…followed by some delicious dessert, coffee, conversation, and lots of laughter.

Praise the Lord for another wonderful and memorable week!



Stay tuned for the wrap-up of our GEM travels coming soon!

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