Mishawaka, Indiana


First Baptist Church

March 10-14, 2019

THE TREK: Florida to Indiana is quite the drive! My personal opinion (Hey there, it’s Bethany here!) is one who loves longer road trips. Shorter than 2.5 hours makes it hard to get any projects done or take a nap. But drives like 8+ hours may be my favorite. Granted, I may not be the one driving, but I enjoy keeping the drivers awake and entertained….unless I’m taking a nap haha

MINISTRY: Mishawaka has been a great hub for our trailers to be repaired and worked on over the years, so a few of our team members have been to First Baptist Church in years past. The pastoral staff were an encouragement to our team during the week as we had lunches alongside them, went out canvassing for a teen dodgeball event, performed an Irish Concert, and then had a killer dodgeball tournament at the end of the week.

With just a handful of awesome teens joining us for the evening preservices, we were praying for a solid turnout for the dodgeball teams. When the pool games of the tournament began, we had OVER four teams created and plenty of players on each! Jordan gave a clear gospel message to a group of teens who do not normally attend the church or youth group there.

BIRTHDAY: We threw a little surprise party for Lilly Galkin who is turning 15 this August. Since her birthday is usually between summer and fall, she does not normally get a birthday party with the team. So for this year, we decided to throw her a super duper early surprise party and knock her socks off! We'd say it was pretty successful. We love you, Lilly! Happiest of birthdays {a few months early}!

FUN FACT: Some men in the church (youth sponsors as well) have a basketball ministry with some of the local neighborhood boys each week. They have been playing pickup basketball in order to have fun, get into the kids’ lives, and show them Christ while connecting them with a local church body. Thankful for their “outward focus” in having a desire to reach their community for Christ. Thanks for allowing us to come alongside of you for a week of ministry, Faith Baptist! Excited to see how the Lord will continue to use where you are in your community to be a bright gospel light in Mishawaka.

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