Vero Beach, Florida + Lakeland, Florida


Grace Baptist Church in Vero Beach, FL

February 24-28, 2019

Grace Baptist in Vero Beach is a special place for the Galkins and the team. This has been a place that the Galkins have parked at for a number of times during the year when they are on break from traveling or needed a place to park their trailer over a holiday. The Drinnons are a special family and have been so kind to us. Thankful for their friendship.

During the week of meetings, the team put together an Ultimate Frisbee Challenge evening with the teens before one of the main services. We all split up on teams, played a tournament, then enjoyed some pizza and soda before Jordan gave a short nugget of truth. We then all proceeded to go into the main service…..maybe still a little hot and sweaty!

We are thankful to have had a part in an ice cream social one evening and then enjoy an Irish Concert with the gospel following.

Before we left town, we were able to spend some time with one of the church members who kindly gave us a tour on his ocean boat. What a neat experience not only to see more of the ocean, but to spend time with and hear this friend’s testimony of God’s grace in His life. It was an encouragement to us all!

Praise God for Grace Baptist and a week of us coming alongside them in gospel work!


Parkway Baptist Church in Lakeland, FL

March 3-6, 2019

We skipped on over to Lakeland, FL that next week and kept our eyes open for gators the whole time! Alicia and Shelley mayyyyyyyy have caught a glimpse of a dino-gator on one of their morning runs, but that is about it!

Each evening, we had a church-wide dinner shared in the school’s cafeteria. It was a great time to spend a few minutes getting to know some of the church members and guests over a casual dinner. During the mornings, we had the opportunity to speak in the school chapels and had some great conversations with teens afterwards. It’s pretty awesome to see first-hand God working in students’ lives and see the Word of God take effect in hearts. God promises to keep those who are His own. May He continue to work in and grow those who placed their faith and trust in the finished work of Christ!

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