Matthews, North Carolina


Bible Baptist Church

February 10-14, 2019

Last spring, we were able to spend a Sunday with Bible Baptist Church when we were in the area before a time of recording. Any time spent with good friends (especially when they are parents of team members!) is sweet, but we were especially thankful for a week of event nights with them this past week. Pastor Allen and the church had a burden to really push for evangelistic evenings for folks to bring friends out to hear the gospel.

Since it was a big event week, the breakdown went like this:

Sunday evening Irish concert | We enjoyed time together during the concert and were thankful for a handful of guests who came out. It is always a privilege to share the gospel.

Monday morning chapel and evening men’s night | Jordan and Will went back and forth on each day teaching in the high school chapels. Gospel, Christian growth, fighting sin + walking in the Spirit were just a handful of some of the subjects the students were challenged with. The men’s night was a great success…ALL the steaks and desserts were TOTALLY cleared out! Sooooo delicious. Thankful for a time for the men to come together, relax, fellowship, eat, and hear the gospel. Again, a privilege to share the gospel.

Tuesday morning chapel and evening ladies’ night | The ladies gathered and brought friends out to an evening of Qdoba (!) and delicious desserts (!). Even with an incredible rain storm right before the event, it did not deter ladies from coming out! Christy led an interactive competition between all of the tables then shared a very clear, heartfelt gospel message. A privilege!

Wednesday morning 2 chapels, afternoon school activity, and an evening Family Fun Night | Andrew taught an earlier elementary chapel with Will following him during the high school chapel. After the high school chapel, the team joined the students for a pizza lunch in the gym. After everyone got some lunch, we played a number of competition games with two teams that the students had been split up on all week. After the games, blood, sweat, and tears, we named a winner! The students helped us prep for the Family Fun Night by setting up tables for a church-wide dinner and chairs for the competition games. Will led the games with the team then shared a gospel message. Praise the Lord for his working in lives and for a handful of people placing their faith and trust in Christ.

God is good. We do not “deserve” anything that we are given. It is not a “right”. It is all a kiiiiiind, kind gift of the Lord. Even being able to come into a church, serve with them for a week, and share the gospel MULTIPLE times with people. Seriously. What a privilege and blessing!

Thursday morning chapel | We closed out the week with a high school chapel. Praying that the Lord will continue to work in the lives of the students, their teachers, the church staff, the church members, and the guests who came out to the events!

Thank you, Bible Baptist Church, for allowing us to come alongside of you last week! To the praise of His glory and grace.

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