Greenville, South Carolina


Morningside Baptist Church

February 3-6, 2019

We drove down the mountains from Brevard, NC to Greenville, SC for a half-week of meetings with Morningside Baptist Church. This week, it was predominantly events-based focusing on evangelical outreach for the adults and teens. Thankful for the several opportunities to come alongside the church and partner with them in sharing the gospel, seeing believers encouraged, and witnessing individuals coming to a saving knowledge of Christ.

Sunday evening was a worship concert open to anyone in the area. We love being able to bring in and incorporate the congregation into music and worship. The Lord is kind in allowing us to worship WITH and not just TO so many believers in the body of Christ all over as we travel. Sunday night was a wonderful time of worship and fellowship together.

On Monday evening, we prepared with the church members for a men’s steak night. The evening was fun and all, but we are praising the Lord that a handful of men trusted Christ! Thankful for those decisions and look forward to how the men will come alongside their friends and continue to form discipleship friendships!

After the steak night event, the room was cleaned, the floor was swept, and it was ready to be prepped for the ladies’ event. On Tuesday, the tablecloths came out, the decorations went up, the places were set, and the room look lovely. With a Paradise theme, there were pink pineapples, punch, and cheesecake assortments for the centerpieces. The ladies enjoyed a dinner from Tropical Grill, a trivia competition, and then a gospel message from Christy. The food was amazing, the fellowship sweet, but the greatest end to the evening were the professions of faith.

The teen dodgeball night ended with a great turnout and after Will gave a gospel challenged, a couple of teens indicated they made a profession of faith! We are thankful for the faithful ministry of the adults and sponsors who invest in the youth of Morningside and desire to see them pursue Christ deeper.


Also, just a little bit of a(n open and honest) peak into a team member's life this past week:

So, there as a point this week where I was just TIREDDDDD. Like, tired of working, tired of people-ing, tired of sitting in a chair that made my back hurt, tired of long hours, tired of being tired. HA! Have you ever hit that wall? I began to get frustrated with even myself for not having any motivation or passion for what we were doing in the day/evenings. I wanted to love people. I wanted to care for others. I wanted events to go well. I wanted services to go smoothly. I wanted the gospel to go out. I wanted people to be saved. I wanted Christians to be encouraged and exhorted. But I didn’t FEEL like I was totally on board. I struggled and felt lethargic.

Being tired is legitimate. Being people-ed out can totally happen. A hurting back can be a frustration and very distracting. And working long hours can cause both emotional and physical fatigue! It’s my perspective and heart attitude through it all though. It’s NOT wrong to express frustration, even in my prayers. It is OK, and it is GOOD (even emotionally healthy) for me to express how I’m feeling to the Lord versus suppressing or sugarcoating it. That expressing allows me to then remember that I don’t have to continue in that vein of thinking/feeling/reacting. Even Christ expressed anguish and emotion before going to the cross. Yet, I know that I have God and His strength WITH me during times like this past week. When Christ was expressing His anguish in the garden before His arrest, God was beginning to pull away from His Son. Jesus was beginning to feel the rejection. He not only FELT alone, He WAS alone. Separated from His Father after knowing fully the true and pure joy it was to be in fellowship with Him. Praise the Lord that Christ took ALL of the rejection and separation so that I, as His child, do not have to ever be alone. Even in my darkest times, it never truly is the “darkest of darks” or the the “alonest of alones”, because Christ already was there for me.

So what can I rest on during the days where I’m struggling to “be all there” and stay on mission? Put my hands up and ask for His help and strength. Then walk in faith knowing that I’m not alone, but that through His Spirit, I have access to a love that is deeper and grander than anything I can try to muster up on my own. I walk in faith, and He works through my willingness. I am so thankful my God works despite my fickleness. Reminds me over and over that HE is the one who saves. He’s my Rescuer. He’s my Great Shepherd. He’s my caring, loving Father. Preaching the gospel to myself daily reveals my greatest need for Him and reminds me of the truth of His greatest showcase of love and grace toward me. When that is made afresh, how can it NOT effect me?

--Bethany W.

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