Brevard, North Carolina


Bethany Baptist Church

January 27-30, 2019

Some of the team have strong ties to North Carolina, especially to places along the Blue Ridge Mountains. We spent a week in Brevard, NC with Bethany Baptist Church. Thankfully, we did not have to dodge any ice storms that had been predicted in the weather, but it sure hit some chilly temps! The Allen's trailer had been having troubles with their heating system, but Jordan and Andy were able to figure out and fix what was needed. Yay for HEAT!

On Sunday evenings, Bethany Baptist does not usually have a PM service; however, we all gathered together not only for a hot dog dinner, but also for a Family Fun Night. I do not know the last time I saw folks get so competitive and into the group games and challenges! There were runners, throwers, catchers, tossers, poppers, winners, and losers. It was just a laid back evening and fun for all!

During the rest of the week leading up to an Irish Concert on Wednesday evening, Will spoke to the adults on how to go about sharing ones’ faith in a post-Christian culture. As he talked through the differences between sharing Christ in a relational community and sharing Christ in a geographical community, the members had the opportunity to invite people to the concert where Will presented the gospel after the music portions of the evening. We had SUCH a packed auditorium that the men in the back had to grab folding chairs to fill in gaps so people had seats!

We don’t put together concerts just for the sake of music and performing. We don’t help run teen events just to play fun games of dodgeball and eat pizza. We don’t do men’s nights and ladies’ nights just to have some good food and conversations. These are ways that create a platform that is comfortable, inviting, and genuine for people to hear a clear gospel presentation! These events, even with all of the work that goes into them, has been a big help in a lot of our team members growing in areas of organization, leadership, planning, and running an event. It has also been good for them to find people to invite when in areas that allow it and to practice geographical/relational evangelism even while traveling on the road!

We are thankful for Bethany Baptist Church and some dear friends there for how they are faithfully serving the Lord and loving those around them. Thanks so much for a sweet week of fellowship, investment, and outreach!

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