Rock Hill, South Carolina


Harvest Baptist Church

January 20-25, 2019

Upon arriving in Rock Hill, we had a crazy pull-in! With all of the rain that the southeast has been getting, the ground is just soppppping wet. Grass quickly turns into mud, and anything heavier than a squirrel will sink right into the ground. As the semi and big trailer were pulling into the church parking lot, it got caught on the turn and took a few friends with trucks to pull free from the mud. Praise the Lord, it was not on a major road or highway, and only a few cars had to wait until the road was cleared. Thankful that no one was hurt and that no damage was done to any of the vehicles or trailers—besides maybe a couple of muddy tires!

As we entered the church, we were greeted with a quick tour of their new lobby/welcome center area that they have been renovating! Just beautiful.

We were last at Harvest Baptist three years ago, so getting to see teens and church members again was wonderful. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons, we took a van of teens to the surrounding neighborhoods and handed out flyers for the teen dodgeball tournament (Thursday evening) and the Irish Concert (Friday evening).

For the teen event on Thursday evening, we had guesstimated that about 25-30 teens would show up. Before the pool games of the tournament even started, we had 47 teens signed up to play! WOW! Thankfully we had enough pizza ;) and plenty of chairs for the teaching portion when Will shared the gospel between pool games and single-elimination rounds. We usually eat dinner right after the gospel presentation and before the elimination rounds of the tournament…this allows us to have some time to really connect with some of the teens and ask/answer any questions about what was just shared in a more relaxed and comfortable way.

We had a full house on Friday evening for the Irish Concert. Harvest Baptist was such an encouragement to our team as we heard over and over throughout the week of how the Lord has been working in individuals’ lives. The gospel is a central component to the heart and mission of the Harvest Baptist family, and it was felt! On Sunday, there was a friend who had been coming for the past several weeks who realized their need for Christ in a new and blatantly clear way…they placed their faith and trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ alone that day! Praise the Lord!

Thank you, Harvest Baptist Church for your continued preaching of the gospel and for sharing Christ to your church family AND to those in your community!

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