Ellettsville, Indiana


Lifeway Baptist Church

Oct. 28-Nov. 2, 2018

A week of unexpected happenings! First of all, some of us should have brought a canoe with all of the rain that we got—let along some good ‘ol rain boots and a poncho! Yay for cooler temperatures bringing in the fall and the extra necessity for coffee, hot chocolate, and hot apple cider! So much yum.

Some shared sickness was also continuing to go around this week…some BAD shared sickness. Did you know that the Indiana Crud is a legit illness? And it hit us badly. During one portion of the week, we did not even SEE Christy for over 2 days straight! She was totally taken down and could not remember ever being this sick before. It made its rounds around the team minus just a couple of team members. It had flu-like symptoms, bad head cold that then dropped to the chest with congestion, and then some completely lost their voice. Yet through days and weeks like this, when we feel “off” on our work flow, when we have to readjust our schedules, when we have to be extra flexible and show more grace towards the sickies…we’re reminded that it is GOD who does the work AND cultivates the results. We can work and do our best, but it’s not us in and of ourselves. Even with it being a very different week than what we normally anticipate as a team, the Lord was faithful and kind to not only work in hearts but to allow us to be a part of that and see some visible signs of His working.

We were able to hold pre-services for the adults, teens, and children each evening and loved that extra teaching and interaction time with them (especially the kids and teens!). With several nights of equipping the church, we also had a teen Ultimate Dodgeball night and an Irish Concert Service.

Pastor Steve, Pastor Doug, and Pastor Thomas make a great pastoral staff team, and we all enjoyed getting to know them better. Afternoon meals are oftentimes our favorite times of a week because of getting to know the pastors, their families, and the heartbeat of the church. It is visible that these pastors and their families absolutely love their church family. They invest in their personal relationships with Christ, their marriages, their families, and their church family in deep ways. Thankful to see men truly seeking after wisdom and discernment with the responsibility that the Lord has placed before them as shepherds, teachers, and leaders.

Thankful for Lifeway Baptist and the ministry that they faithfully continue to walk step by step. They have a huge impact on their community of Ellettsville, and we look forward to hearing/seeing how the Lord continues to use you all in being a light to those in darkness and drawing the lost to the Savior.

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