Davison, Michigan


Faith Baptist Church

October 12-17, 2018

One of our team members, Alicia Newcomer, is home-based out of Ypsilanti, Michigan. Her family recently moved from VA Beach to Michigan two years ago to be the pastor of a local church. In the area, she has a bit of extended family as well.

We were able to spend a week in Davison, MI where her uncle is on the pastoral staff with Faith Baptist Church and Christian School. We were able to have a week of meetings with their church.

For one of the evenings, Faith Baptist held a ladies’ night and did a fabulous job preparing, setting up, decorating, inviting friends, and participating in the event. Everything was autumn themed…loved it! Pumpkins, apple spice, nutmeg, orange, cookies, cupcakes, cider, tea, coffee, and all the yummy goodness that comes with the season. We all enjoyed spending time together enjoying the delicious food and talking together before beginning a group game for some gift card prizes. Christy then transitioned into sharing the gospel with the ladies and was able to have some other conversations about the gospel after the event as well. We loved having a specific time just for ladies to get together and have a fun evening together. Thankful for the opportunity to also be able to share the gospel.

Mid-week, our team was able to jump into a youth group game that the church organized called “Extreme ManHunt”. It was put together SO well and consisted of us splitting up into different teams, going to different places all over the church property, getting to the next place through figuring out riddles, and getting to the point of figuring out WHO the “master criminal” was! The game was so much fun and we had a blast participating on different teams. After the game was over, we all gathered together and heard a gospel message by Jordan.

Thanks, Faith Baptist Church, for the opportunity to partner with you for the week!

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