Troy, Michigan


First Baptist Church of Troy

October 7-11, 2018

Thankful to have spent a week in Troy with First Baptist Church and Bethany Christian School. Over the evenings, Andrew led the children’s program and had about 60+ girls and boys each night. The Amazing Grace Race focuses on teaching the kids certain apologetic truths in regards to God being our Creator, the Bible being God’s Word, Jesus being God, and how we can trust in God’s goodness even in hard times. It is so great to spend time teaching kids, getting to know them, and hearing them share what they are learning in the program. At the end of the week, Andrew led a “Q and A Time” for the kids and was asked some thoughtful questions that allowed him to talk through Bible truths with the answers.

Will and Jordan were able to connect with the teens nearly every day through preaching in the chapels at their Christian school, and Andrew had the opportunity to preach chapels to two elementary aged groups.

Jordan and the team were also able to have a few more focused investment times with the teens through the pre-service sessions each evening. We all would meet to play a game or activity together (usually about 40+ teens all together) and then Jordan would share a challenge with them. Jordan’s love, leadership, and preaching to teens has grown over the years as he has really taken and run with his role as the teen leader. It is obvious to see his deep desire to share the Word with young adults and for it to grip hearts and change lives. That passion is communicated through his love for the teens and inspires the rest of us to follow likewise.

The team was able to enjoy some volleyball in the gym with the young adults after a few of the services. It was a great opportunity to build relationships and to witness a demographic—whom are not always active in the local church—striving to faithfully serve their local body.

God was at work in many ways throughout the week, and we are continually thankful to be able to witness that work! God provides in small things as well as in big things—individually and corporately. Praise Him!

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