Morgantown, West Virginia


April 22-26, 2018
Faith Baptist Church

Our team was able to spend time with Pastor Treg Spicer and Pastor Lucas Vanderwarker before the week began at Faith Baptist Church. Both families had children that were in both the youth group and the children’s group. We loved serving with, learning alongside, and becoming friends with each of them.

There was a group of teens that grew in numbers as the week went on. We held preservices for the teen group in the evening and also went canvassing to invite as many teens as we saw coming out of school or walking through the neighborhood. The week held a lot of rain and muggy weather, but for the day of the tournament, it cleared the exact times that we were all outside! Instead of Dodgeball, we ran an Ultimate Frisbee event for the teens. The field was wet, the grass was slick, but the different youth teams gave their 100%! It was pretty amusing for all those watching as well ;)

While Jordan met with the teens and shared a gospel message with them, the main service began for the adults followed by the kids’ program. So neat that we were able to share the gospel three different times with three different groups all in the same night! Christy Galkin was able to speak with a little boy from the children’s program who trusted Christ that night! Praise the Lord!

Faith Baptist was faithful in inviting their friends and guests to the Irish Concert at the end of that week. After the evening of music, a gospel message, and fellowshipping, our team packed up everything in order to leave pretty early the next morning. As the team was at their host homes packing up their own suitcases, we received a sweet text from someone who attended the concert and shared that the guest he brought trusted Christ that night. Praises! It was so neat for each of us to read that testimony and hear the story of God working in this individual’s life.

Thankful for a great week serving alongside Faith Baptist and even seeing some fruit from the Word going out. We’re wrapping up our travels this coming week, so we definitely would appreciate prayer as we strive for faithfulness, for loving others, and serving the church well here in Kentucky! May the Lord help us as we continue to obey and plant the seed of the gospel!

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