Zionsville, Indiana


Aire Born Studios | Zionsville, IN

March 19-22, 2018

We arrived close to midnight on Monday morning to Indiana. We all went to our different host homes and crashed for the night before an early morning Morning start at the studio. We got to Aire Born studios around 8:30am. After two full days of recording, our team ran over to Hillary Rankin’s house for a delicious dinner! Hillary traveled with team for a full year back in 2015/2016. Whenever we are in Indiana, we try to stop by to see her and her family. It was a sweet time of fellowship, catching up, laughing, eating, and drinking tea! Thankful for special times like that.

The next morning, we woke up to a snow-covered world. It was absolutely beautiful. Thankfully, the roads were just fine and we had no problem getting to the studio, but it sure put us in the Christmas mood! We kept the schedule moving along as smoothly as we could, especially since Pastor Albright was leaving that evening to go back to SLC. We are SO thankful for him and his help.

On Thursday, Christy and Shannon worked with Ben as we finished our two last full pieces, added in supporting instruments, and listened through each recording to catch errors. Down to the very last minute of the day, we were putting in the final touches. Wow—praise the LORD for His helping us get everything done in time! We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all that we did without His help, guidance, and strength to sustain us through such an intense week.

Praising the Lord and looking forward to sharing this upcoming album with you all! Stay tuned this summer and into this fall for more updates on when the official release date will be!

Also, many praises for the Lord's protection on our drives home! Lots and lots of miles covered. We all split up after the recording week: Allens to Iowa, Andy Smiley to Ohio, Alicia to Michigan, Shelley to South Carolina, and Christy+Bethany+Andrew Smith to North Carolina.

Praying for all to have a restful spring break as we approach Good Friday and Easter Sunday!


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