Lilburn + Roswell, Georgia


Killian Hill Baptist Church

March 4, 2018

Last Sunday, our team had the opportunity to spend a Sunday at Killian Hill Baptist Church. Pastor Chris Anderson and Will have known each other for many years, so it was a sweet time to have a whole Sunday with them. During the Sunday School hour, Will spoke to the college and career class on the topic of Discipleship.

Some points of truth that he shared were that God uses every stage of our lives so that He ultimately reigns…so that He is our ALL. Location doesn’t necessarily matter, because wherever God has called you, just go all in and make disciples. What are you doing right now with where God has you? Don’t miss what God has right in front of you because of focusing too heavily on what’s ahead. A disciple is simply a “learner” of Jesus Christ. No special degree is needed to be a disciple-maker either. Ultimately, it is God who disciples. So all we need is God’s Word and the willingness to leverage all that we have in order for someone else to become more like Christ. So pursue Christ, let others see your pursuit, let others see your weaknesses, and be okay with your self-righteousness being killed so that others can see the grace of God in your life. Be a means to grace for others to witness.

We can leverage our weaknesses to so that God’s strength is on display through us.

After an evening concert and a time of fellowship, we all headed back to Roswell to get ready for an intense week of music practices. It was actually a blessing to have a handful of days without evening services due to our prepping for an upcoming week of recording! Shannon Allen has done a fantastic job at organizing our practices so that we can be most effective and efficient with our time. The time that it takes to organize such detailed practices can go easily unnoticed, but we are so thankful for Shannon and all the others who have leaned in and helped organize, lead, and keep us all on mission.

We are pretty excited to be able to share this upcoming album with you all in the near future! We continue to covet your prayers as we serve in Martinez (near Augusta), Georgia for the week, along with a couple busy weeks following. Thank you so much for all of your love and support, friends!

Praising the Lord for His goodness and kindness to us!

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