Roswell, Georgia


Lebanon Baptist Church - Mission’s Conference

February 24-28, 2018


Lebanon Baptist Church has been good friends of ours for several years due to Pastor Brian Peterson and his family being close friends with Will and Christy Galkin. Pastor Brian and Will both attended school together in college.

We had the opportunity to share a week with Lebanon Baptist for their missions conference. The conference was a blessing to our team, and it was a great change of pace from our other weeks on the road. In addition to supporting a large number of missionaries all over the world, Lebanon has a focus of three main areas where they pray for, send, and support missionaries: Georgia (local church planting); Utah (church planting); and the Philippines (teaching, church planting).

Three years ago when we were on a similar route of traveling, we were able to attend and participate in the conference. Lebanon is a supporter of Will and Christy’s ministry out in Salt Lake City, UT with Gospel Grace Church. Since it was not a week of regular meetings for the team, we just jumped in helping wherever we could during the conference week. Some helped with childcare during the day, some were able to participate in leading the evening praise and worship, and then the team would take the kids every evening for a separate program during the missionary presentations/preaching in the main service.

The great commission is to take the gospel to every place; not necessarily when we “see” God working. Some are called to minister in places where there is extreme darkness and in difficult places with minimal results. There are countless stories of missionaries who gave their lives to spreading the gospel in places where they never saw the fruit of their labor. They faithfully obeyed the Lord’s call and loved people day by day without relying on any seen results. What a challenge to live by. Some missionaries are the sowers and some missionaries are the reapers. We don’t get to choose which we are. God is the one Who ultimately does the work…we just follow in obedience.

Some take the rocks away; some plow the field; some plant the seed; and some reap the harvest. How do you live out the great commission? Who are you discipling? Guard against comparing others because of their results. One can control the input of labor, but one cannot control the output (results) of their labor.

So go. Make disciples. Faithfully live “on mission” and leave the results to the Lord.



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