Lehigh Acres, Florida


Gunnery Road Baptist Church

January 7-11, 2018

The Galkins have been friends with Pastor Vance and his family for over 20 years...before Will and Christy were even married. Their friendship has been neat for our team to see throughout the weeks of meetings at their church. For some of us team members, this was our second time coming back to Gunnery Road Baptist. Building on relationships from the past was a sweet thing to be able to do.

During our week with the church, our team had the opportunity to preach and participate in the secondary and elementary chapels for the school. We would begin with all groups combined for prayer, pledges, a group game, and a song before splitting up for the message.

One unique aspect to us helping with school chapels is that it gives us a special opportunity with students who are willing to open up to team members. Sometimes it’s easier to talk with someone who is “outside” their own life circumstances, and that’s when we have the opportunity to come alongside them and help speak truth into their lives. After a number of the chapels by Will Galkin, Jordan Allen, or Andrew Smith, there were a good handful of great conversations that followed about the chapel messages, decisions needing to be made, spiritual questions, gospel clarification, etc. It was encouraging for our team members to see such ready hearts from the students. God is the one who draws hearts and changes people, and it is sweet to see that eagerness and a desire for change. Praise the Lord for that!

On the Irish Concert service night, we had to put a few more rows of chairs in the sanctuary to be able to fit all of those attending in addition to all of the guests! The church members had been inviting friends leading up to the concert night, and it was great to see so many in attendance the evening-of! Several students from the school came with their families as well. The teachers at the school have a huge heart for each of their students, and it was encouraging to see their faithfulness in investing in their students’ lives and their students’ families lives. One soul is worth more than all the treasures on the earth combined…it’s always worth investing in a life.

One of my favorite things about Gunnery Road Baptist church is how big their children’s program is. On the night of our Irish Concert, we had over 70 children listening to a gospel message while the adults were also listening to the gospel. We can sure praise the Lord for that! Even with such a big group of kiddos, they did a fantastic job listening well, participating, and having a desire to learn more about God, the Bible, and why we believe what we believe.

Thank you, Gunnery Road Baptist, for your kindness and the weeks of serving alongside you all!


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