Holly, Michigan


Great Lakes Bible Church | Holly

October 29-November 1

As we started our meetings on Sunday, the church held a potluck lunch with a shorter afternoon service directly afterwards. Having meals with the whole church gives us the awesome opportunity to get to know people better right off the bat. Our team enjoyed seeing some good friends while we were in the Holly area as well…Alicia and her family moved to Michigan last year, so this is now her stomping grounds. It was fun to see her support group come throughout the week. Shelley’s grandparents also came to visit her. Love getting to know the families of team members! You can understand individuals so much better when you meet their family and see where they are from.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we had two event nights—a Family Fun Night and the Irish Concert. It was great to see people come out, but the children’s program was especially encouraging! Our team was able to have some great gospel conversations with some of the kids. Trusting that the Lord will continue to work where seeds are sown.

On Friday, our team packed up and made the long trek from Michigan to Pennsylvania. THANKFUL for a safe and smooth journey…we definitely don’t want to take these travel days for granted.

Thanks, Great Lakes Bible for letting us serve alongside of you for a week! Keep loving for Jesus!


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