Watertown, Wisconsin


Calvary Baptist Church | Watertown, WI

September 24-27

Our team served with Calvary Baptist in Watertown, Wisconsin last week. The days leading up, we were traveling from Utah allllllll the way to Wisconsin. It was quite a drive! We are very thankful for the Lord's protection during our trekking.

We drove about 14 hours the first day before making to Nebraska for the night, and then we drove about 9 hours the following day from Nebraska to Wisconsin. That is our longest trip of the semester, so we are glad it is behind us!

At Calvary, they have a school that we were able to be a part of with teaching chapels and interacting with students. On Sunday evening, we met in a local park with over two hundred other people for a casual evening of Irish Folk music, Irish Sacred music, and a gospel message given by Will. It was exciting and encouraging to see so many people come out and to see friends bringing friends!

For two of the evenings, we helped with both a ladies' event and a men's event. The church members had done a great job with inviting the friends they have been pouring into, allowing for two great event nights of gospel opportunity and continued friendship growth. God is good! Christy was able to present to the ladies, and Will presented to the men.

Throughout the week, there were a handful of individuals who chose to follow Christ! The Lord is the one who does all of the work, but when we get a front row seat and He gives us a small part in His plan, it's not only humbling but also a beautiful thing to be a part of. Praise the Lord with us as we continue to be amazed at His incredible grace and mercy!

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