Grace Baptist | Twin Falls, Idaho


April 23-28, 2017

Thankful to spend a great week in Twin Falls, Idaho--the hometown and church where Will grew up!

Since we were so close to his family, the Galkins were able to spend some extra time together with Will’s side of the family. On the day that we arrived in Twin Falls, our team met up with Will's family at Shoshone Falls for a picnic dinner, outdoor games, and seeing the falls. It was beautiful!

A definite perk to the week was having Will’s mom—Carol Galkin—working in the office so close to our own workspace in the church. Carol Galkin has faithfully been serving at the Christian school and church for many years. Our team loved getting to know Grandma Galkin more and spending time in a familiar place. There's just something special about having Grandma close by!

A number of our team members had visited this church almost two years ago as we traveled through our fall semester back in 2015. It was great to see familiar faces again and reconnect with church members and friends! It's encouraging to see the Lord do obvious work in lives.

Throughout the week, our team had the privilege of preaching for and participating in some of the school chapels and having extra time with the students of Twin Falls Christian Academy. Our team remembered some of the students from the last time we were here, so it was a blessing to reconnect and see what the Lord has been doing through the individual lives of the students and their families.

Thankful for the grace that the Lord gives us to serve and for the privilege of doing gospel work. God has been so kind to us this year. His love and provision never cease to amaze us. As we come to a close in our spring semester, we may be physically tired, but our hearts are very encouraged. When we begin hitting exhaustion, we see more clearly our need for Christ. Although it may be hard feeling that “battle” and fighting for obedience and joy, God uses those times to teach us more of Him and to help us become a little more like Christ.

Thanks Grace Baptist for your faithful ministry and for how you blessed us through our week with you all. Keep serving Jesus!


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