Victory Baptist | California City, CA


April 2-5, 2017

Thankful for a week in California City! Pastor Ron smith and his wife, Kim, have been serving at Victory for several years. With an Air Force base so close by, there are several families and individuals who attend the church that are in connection with the base, in addition to Victory having a great van pick-up ministry.

During the week, the kids just attached themselves to our children's leader--Daniel Mulder. After one of the services, they all piled around him while he played tune after tune on the piano. They guessed the titles, sang along, and giggled as he entertained them. So precious! Daniel has been out children’s director for three years now. His genuine love for the children is contagious to us all on team, and it comes out in his teaching, leading, and sharing of the gospel. Our team is very thankful for Daniel, and—although excited for new future opportunities and where the Lord is leading him—we will surely miss him as he moves on from team next year!

Bethany and some of the Galkin kids were able to reconnect with some of their [fellow] campers that they met over the summer. They knew back in July that they would be seeing each other again, but nine months seemed like forever away. Then here we all were! Thankful for the ability to still stay in touch with folks even if we all live in different places. It’s always great to see friends again.

It is encouraging for our team to see church members invite and bring guests to services. Several came throughout the week, and some heard the gospel for the very first time. Praise the Lord!

Thanks for your faithful ministry, Victory Baptist! Keep sharing the gospel and living for Christ!


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