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Watertown, Wisconsin


Calvary Baptist Church | Watertown, WI

September 24-27

Our team served with Calvary Baptist in Watertown, Wisconsin last week. The days leading up, we were traveling from Utah allllllll the way to Wisconsin. It was quite a drive! We are very thankful for the Lord's protection during our trekking.

We drove about 14 hours the first day before making to Nebraska for the night, and then we drove about 9 hours the following day from Nebraska to Wisconsin. That is our longest trip of the semester, so we are glad it is behind us!

At Calvary, they have a school that we were able to be a part of with teaching chapels and interacting with students. On Sunday evening, we met in a local park with over two hundred other people for a casual evening of Irish Folk music, Irish Sacred music, and a gospel message given by Will. It was exciting and encouraging to see so many people come out and to see friends bringing friends!

For two of the evenings, we helped with both a ladies' event and a men's event. The church members had done a great job with inviting the friends they have been pouring into, allowing for two great event nights of gospel opportunity and continued friendship growth. God is good! Christy was able to present to the ladies, and Will presented to the men.

Throughout the week, there were a handful of individuals who chose to follow Christ! The Lord is the one who does all of the work, but when we get a front row seat and He gives us a small part in His plan, it's not only humbling but also a beautiful thing to be a part of. Praise the Lord with us as we continue to be amazed at His incredible grace and mercy!


Behold Our God

Behold Our God

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Grace Baptist | Twin Falls, Idaho


April 23-28, 2017

Thankful to spend a great week in Twin Falls, Idaho--the hometown and church where Will grew up!

Since we were so close to his family, the Galkins were able to spend some extra time together with Will’s side of the family. On the day that we arrived in Twin Falls, our team met up with Will's family at Shoshone Falls for a picnic dinner, outdoor games, and seeing the falls. It was beautiful!

A definite perk to the week was having Will’s mom—Carol Galkin—working in the office so close to our own workspace in the church. Carol Galkin has faithfully been serving at the Christian school and church for many years. Our team loved getting to know Grandma Galkin more and spending time in a familiar place. There's just something special about having Grandma close by!

A number of our team members had visited this church almost two years ago as we traveled through our fall semester back in 2015. It was great to see familiar faces again and reconnect with church members and friends! It's encouraging to see the Lord do obvious work in lives.

Throughout the week, our team had the privilege of preaching for and participating in some of the school chapels and having extra time with the students of Twin Falls Christian Academy. Our team remembered some of the students from the last time we were here, so it was a blessing to reconnect and see what the Lord has been doing through the individual lives of the students and their families.

Thankful for the grace that the Lord gives us to serve and for the privilege of doing gospel work. God has been so kind to us this year. His love and provision never cease to amaze us. As we come to a close in our spring semester, we may be physically tired, but our hearts are very encouraged. When we begin hitting exhaustion, we see more clearly our need for Christ. Although it may be hard feeling that “battle” and fighting for obedience and joy, God uses those times to teach us more of Him and to help us become a little more like Christ.

Thanks Grace Baptist for your faithful ministry and for how you blessed us through our week with you all. Keep serving Jesus!



Grace Baptist | Elko, NV


April 16-21, 2017

Our team spent a refreshing week serving alongside Grace Baptist Church in Elko, Nevada. GBC has been a close friend to our team for many years. Pastor Aaron Young and Will go way back—too many crazy inside jokes to keep track of! This church family truly does feel like "family" to a lot of our team. A number of us had the opportunity to serve here while traveling a year and a half ago. We enjoyed reconnecting with church members and serving alongside Grace for a week! The pastoral staff and church body ministered to us in unique ways during the week, especially in the areas of many uplifting conversations, intentional prayer, and graciously preparing meals for and hosting us in their homes.

Another fun highlight: Alicia interned at this church two summers ago, so she was beyond excited to reconnect with old friends from her time here. She was even able to stay the week at the home of the dear family that hosted her during that summer. This week was definitely a refreshing time for her, as she was able to spend some extra time in the afternoons catching up with some of the folks, seeing how God has been at work in and through them in Elko.

As we look back over our week with Grace Baptist Church, we recall so many blessings in the forms of gospel conversations with individuals as God moved in hearts. There was also encouraging fruit in the kids’ program as a few of the kids realized their need for grace and called out to God.

GBC family, thank you for faithfully praying for us each and every week. We are beyond thankful for your support and friendship. The Lord has used you in Elko and beyond in so many ways. Thankful for your fervent ministry! Keep serving Jesus!




Granite Hills Baptist | Reno, NV


April 9-14, 2017

I wish we could have taken you all along during our week in Reno, Nevada with Granite Hills Baptist Church. As we came into the week wanting to serve [with] their church body, their hearts were so full that they were an incredible blessing to our entire team!

One of my personal favorites about the week in Reno was the open-to-all potluck dinners before the evening pre-services — not because of the [delicious] food but the [sweet] fellowship! So many church members and guests showed up for that extra time of fellowship and food. Loved getting to know people better during these times. During dinner conversations, one of our team members, Alicia, says that it was "refreshing to hear people’s stories of God’s working in their lives.” We all would agree.

A couple of churches also joined us during the week of meetings. We kept adding chairs into the auditorium each night, especially for the Irish Concert! It was an encouraging “problem” to run out of space! The children’s program was also packed! Loved all of the kids that joined us. They were high-energy, excited to be there, and very eager to participate. Thankful for our team and their desire to love the kids in the Deep Space program and share the gospel with them no matter where we are. We also had a teen Ultimate Frisbee outreach event in conjunction with an evening service. Three or four other youth groups joined us as well. Several gospel conversations were going on with teens after Jordan finished the gospel message. Thankful!

Thanks for following along! I also would have loved to introduce you to the hosts that Jessica, Alicia, and I stayed with for the week. Our sweet host and hostess contacted us two weeks in advance just to touch base, get to know us a little, and ask for any prayer requests. Faithfully over those two weeks, she reached out and shared verses and prayers with/for us. She has no idea how much of an encouragement that was for us girls! When we finally met after a longggg travel day, it was like we all knew each other! While some of the team was still driving around a mountain range to stay clear of the snow, Jessica and I were able to meet our hosts earlier and have a great conversation with them—the deep, rich kind. Thankful for those talks about how we initially came to know and trust in Christ, what Christ has recently been doing in our lives, the struggles and pressures we were going through, and the sharing of Truth and prayers for each other. When there is openness in the building of friendships, there is a sweet bond, and we felt it right away.

Our hostess every evening would have a letter taped onto each of our girls’ doors. I kid you not, we girls looked forward to and were giddy with excitement every night to see the notes! Since it was the week leading up to Easter Sunday, our hostess wrote down progressing passages that reflected on Christ’s last hours before He was taken and crucified. Our friendship with our hosts was so sweet. We looked forward to sharing breakfasts with them, singing with them one of the evening after service, and just spending time with them and their adorable Yorkshire Terriers as we talked. When it came for us to leave at the end of the week, many tears were shed. We girls felt as if part of our hearts were left behind. Our hosts’ desire was to be an intentional blessing during our stay, and their genuine love for us three was so apparent. We were overwhelmed by their kindness in how they loved and served us. Thankful for their ministry.

Thank you, Granite Hills Baptist for your faithful ministry in Reno, NV and allowing us to serve with you all for a week! Keep loving the Lord and the people He has placed around you all!


Victory Baptist | California City, CA


April 2-5, 2017

Thankful for a week in California City! Pastor Ron smith and his wife, Kim, have been serving at Victory for several years. With an Air Force base so close by, there are several families and individuals who attend the church that are in connection with the base, in addition to Victory having a great van pick-up ministry.

During the week, the kids just attached themselves to our children's leader--Daniel Mulder. After one of the services, they all piled around him while he played tune after tune on the piano. They guessed the titles, sang along, and giggled as he entertained them. So precious! Daniel has been out children’s director for three years now. His genuine love for the children is contagious to us all on team, and it comes out in his teaching, leading, and sharing of the gospel. Our team is very thankful for Daniel, and—although excited for new future opportunities and where the Lord is leading him—we will surely miss him as he moves on from team next year!

Bethany and some of the Galkin kids were able to reconnect with some of their [fellow] campers that they met over the summer. They knew back in July that they would be seeing each other again, but nine months seemed like forever away. Then here we all were! Thankful for the ability to still stay in touch with folks even if we all live in different places. It’s always great to see friends again.

It is encouraging for our team to see church members invite and bring guests to services. Several came throughout the week, and some heard the gospel for the very first time. Praise the Lord!

Thanks for your faithful ministry, Victory Baptist! Keep sharing the gospel and living for Christ!