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Hear from our team members each week about what the Lord is doing in churches that we minister in. Look for an updated article each week!

Concluding chapters...the best is yet to come.



“…having SEEN [the promises] and having WELCOMED them from a distance, and having confessed that they were strangers and exiles on the earth...but as it is, they desire a BETTER country, that is, a heavenly one. Therefore, God is not ashamed to be called their God; for He has PREPARED a city for them.”
Hebrews 11:13-16


Thank you so much for your continuous investment and partnership with us in the gospel! The Lord has allowed us to finish up a great summer out here in Salt Lake City, specifically with Plant4theGospel and Gospel Grace Church. We are so thankful for the many opportunities for gospel outreach we had with avenues like Plant Camp and Backyard Bible Club. Four of our team members (Andrew Smiley, Alicia Newcomer, Andrew Smith, and Bethany Wescott) were able to come out as summer interns for GGC and help us, while receiving training on urban church planting and discipleship.

We were also able to partner with Gospel Hope Church in Riverton on several community-connect opportunities. As a direct result of the flyers and door hangers that went out through Plant Campers, the Lord has continued to bring in numbers of guests, some of whom have trusted Christ. We’re rejoicing that God is saving souls, and we’re trusting Him to continue to do His work in the hearts of people in Utah.


It’s hard to believe that this September marks the beginning of our final year of traveling as a team. The team members just arrived here in Salt Lake for our last team training. We’re spending 3 weeks in Salt Lake to prep for hitting the road, as well as for some final community connects, like our Bluegrass & BBQ event. As we all make this transition together out of traveling, both our family and team are enjoying the unique fact that we have the same team members back with us this year--for the first time! Well, except for Baby Jubilee Allen. :) We absolutely love this new little team member and have already enjoyed spoiling her. She brings a fresh excitement to team life. We know that the Allens sure would appreciate your prayers as they transition into this new stage of life while on the road! Thank you for the love and support that so many of you have already shown them.

ShanBabes a_IMG_5276 LillsAGs

Another addition to this unique year of traveling is the fact that the Galkin's oldest daughter, Anna Grace, is now a senior in high school. So, her days are quickly being filled with completing college applications and writing scholarship essays! We’re excited for how the Lord will direct her next steps as she enters this new chapter of life.

Thank you so much for your kindness in PRAYING for us as we hit the road in the next few weeks. We’re excited for the opportunity to partner with churches in Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee this fall. Our prayer is that we make the truth in Hebrews 11:13-16 clear, that this earth is not our home. “God has prepared a city for [us] …a heavenly one,” and that is what we live for and proclaim. That’s the message we want to come through in our songs, our messages, our Amazing Grace Race kids’ program, and our teen outreaches. Please join us in praying that we’ll be faithful in this ministry and that God continues to build the Church to the praise of His glory!

For the Gospel,

The Galkin Team


Louisville, Kentucky


Landmark Baptist Church

April 29-May 2

It may have been our last week on the road, but we sure tried to convince ourselves that it wasn’t! We buckled down and cranked on all of the end-of-year close-out jobs in addition to having a fantastic week with Landmark Baptist Church. Serving alongside Pastor Matt and the leadership team was a blessing to each of us on team.

When we are able to have meals together with the pastoral staff and the church leadership, we can really see the heartbeat and vision of the church. It helps us serve them better and just love them more! The staff at Landmark Baptist really poured into us during the week. Around chapel times with the school students, music practices, weekly jobs, and connects with students, the pastors took most of our team out into the town of Louisville for some extra fellowship and a treat to a few local shops. We were able to visit a quaint Christian bookstore and each came away with at least one book in our hands. What a sweet time with the pastors and a memory to take with us. If you were to combine all of the books read by the team…….there’d be a lot! Thankful for such a sweet gesture of love that was a blessing to us! {{Thanks so much pastors!}}

Each morning, we had the privilege of speaking to the teens of the school during their morning chapel time. We play a breaking-the-ice game and then Smith would come and lead a group song. Before jumping into singing, Smith would emphasize the words of what we’d be singing and really challenge all who were there to not sing “empty, idle words”, but to really meditate on the truth and sing it back to God. Thankful for that reminder! How often we read God’s word or sing songs of truth and don’t really even think of what we are saying/singing.

Will and Jordan traded on and off with the chapel lessons each morning, with Smith speaking to the elementary students for one morning. With such a short time with them, we really try to share as much truth as we can about the gospel, pursuing Christ, and living a life of service. Praying that the Lord uses the chapel messages to stir hearts, challenge the students, really push them to pursue the Lord, and that He’d use them in mighty ways for His kingdom!

Thank you Landmark Baptist Church for a great week of fellowship, equipping, encouragement, and sharing of the gospel!

Morgantown, West Virginia


April 22-26, 2018
Faith Baptist Church

Our team was able to spend time with Pastor Treg Spicer and Pastor Lucas Vanderwarker before the week began at Faith Baptist Church. Both families had children that were in both the youth group and the children’s group. We loved serving with, learning alongside, and becoming friends with each of them.

There was a group of teens that grew in numbers as the week went on. We held preservices for the teen group in the evening and also went canvassing to invite as many teens as we saw coming out of school or walking through the neighborhood. The week held a lot of rain and muggy weather, but for the day of the tournament, it cleared the exact times that we were all outside! Instead of Dodgeball, we ran an Ultimate Frisbee event for the teens. The field was wet, the grass was slick, but the different youth teams gave their 100%! It was pretty amusing for all those watching as well ;)

While Jordan met with the teens and shared a gospel message with them, the main service began for the adults followed by the kids’ program. So neat that we were able to share the gospel three different times with three different groups all in the same night! Christy Galkin was able to speak with a little boy from the children’s program who trusted Christ that night! Praise the Lord!

Faith Baptist was faithful in inviting their friends and guests to the Irish Concert at the end of that week. After the evening of music, a gospel message, and fellowshipping, our team packed up everything in order to leave pretty early the next morning. As the team was at their host homes packing up their own suitcases, we received a sweet text from someone who attended the concert and shared that the guest he brought trusted Christ that night. Praises! It was so neat for each of us to read that testimony and hear the story of God working in this individual’s life.

Thankful for a great week serving alongside Faith Baptist and even seeing some fruit from the Word going out. We’re wrapping up our travels this coming week, so we definitely would appreciate prayer as we strive for faithfulness, for loving others, and serving the church well here in Kentucky! May the Lord help us as we continue to obey and plant the seed of the gospel!


Huntingdon, Pennsylvania


April 15-20, 2018

Calvary Independent Baptist Church

We weren’t sure if it was spring, summer, or winter this week. When we arrived on Saturday, it was mid-80s. By Tuesday, it was back down to the mid-40s! Gotta love seasonal changes!

Pastor Coleman was so welcoming and kind to us from the very minute we arrived. He and his wife have been faithfully seeing at Calvary for many years, and it was a blessing to serve alongside of them for the week!

Here’s a “quicky review” (as we say in our kids’ program) of the general week, and I’d LOVE to share with you at the end about some exciting things that happened.

Calvary has a school that we were able to lead chapels with for both the high school and elementary school. The students had listening ears, honest responses, and a willingness to seek change. On Thursday, our team led an activity time with the teens in the gym. We held some competitions that challenged both the intellect and the athletic ability of the students. They all did so well and had a blast while playing together. Any activity is made better with ice cream as the finale! It was a great ending to a week with lots of “teen time” including preservices each evening. Jordan walked through how one practically lives a life following Christ. Thankful for the truth and practical applications he shared with us all! Jordan spends a lot of time investing in and loving on the teens each week. Thankful for a teen/team leader who displays how to love others and develop discipling relationship week in and week out!

While traveling each week, a lot of times we are planting seeds. If you did a study on missionary history, some may be surprised to find how many missionaries spent their whole lives and saw very little fruit because of it developing long after they were gone. Others would come after them and reap the harvest. But this week in particular, we had the sweet privilege of seeing some fruit of God working in the hearts of the youth.

How precious it is to see someone come to the understanding of their need for Christ and God changing their hearts and desires. Almost each night, we had one or two children want to talk through the gospel one-on-one after the Bible lesson. Some went home to talk more with their parents, and others wanted to trust Christ right there and then! Praise the Lord for His saving of souls! Trusting in the promises that He will continue to faithfully keep and grow these little ones as they strive to seek Him. Some of our team was also able to talk with a few school students about the gospel…both of salvation and assurance.

Isn’t it kind of the Lord to allow us to have a part in gospel work?

Thank you to Calvary church and school for a week that blessed and encouraged each one of us! Keep growing in grace!


Sellersville, Pennsylvania


April 8-13, 2018

Bethel Baptist Church

Back in Pennsylvania! It was a pretty good drive from VA to PA, and we are thankful {again} for safety with our caravan. Praise the Lord!

We were actually with Bethel Baptist just about two or three years ago, so it was good to see friends again and be able to reconnect! There is a school connected with the church, so we were able to add in a couple of chapels and spend some extra time with the students during the week. We had a GREAT children’s program in an amphitheater-sort of room during the week. Just about every seat was filled with an energetic 4year-old-to-6th grader! It’s always encouraging (and fun to teach;) when the children are ready to soak up every lesson. The faith of a child is precious to see.

The church hosted the Irish concert on Wednesday night. Church members, guests, friends, and acquaintances filled the seats. Since we were in PA again, Spencer Shelburne (a former team members from a couple of years ago) came to visit (naturally) and stay for the concert. This was our team’s second time seeing Spencer within this same traveling year! Thankful for these times. As our traveling will be winding down, we are now realizing just how special the times are of seeing good friends and former team members while on the road. Trying not to take these for granted!

Thank you, Bethel Baptist, for your encouragement to us and allowing us to serve alongside of you for the week. Your staff was a blessing to our team in how you just poured out love on us. Thanks for loving the Lord and wanting to see others come to know Christ!


Hampton, Virginia


April 1-6, 2018

Bethel Baptist Church

This Virginia Beach area is actually where one of our team members —Alicia Newcomer— grew up for several years. Our team arrived on Good Friday at the end of spring break and got back into the swing of things that Saturday right before Easter.

It was a blessing to spend Easter Sunday with Bethel Baptist Church. To start the week remembering why we live each day for the Lord as redeemed children saved by the blood of Christ was a great reminder right before a busy week! Praise the Lord for the mercy tree and how Christ CONQUERED sin and death for us!

Our team was able to help with school chapels each morning for the school at Bethel and had some great opportunities to connect with students, challenge them through the preaching of God’s Word, and have some great followup conversations with them. Thankful for such a great opportunity.

One evening, we had a teen activity that ran during the same time as the main service and children’s program service. While almost 100 adults were in the audience, there were about 40+ kids in their own program while about 90-100 teens were in the gym for a separate program! We held a dodgeball tournament and dinner for the teens, and halfway through, Jordan shared the gospel. Thankful for all of the church members who helped out with the tournament and totally blown away by how many teens showed up. Some even came straight from baseball practice because someone had given their coach a flyer! How awesome is that? Even when one can be grumpy and “complainy" about having to hand out flyers and invitations, God reminds us to be faithful and not necessarily successful. You never know who may be able to come and hear the gospel…so go on out and hand out more invites for/with your church!

Each week, it’s a blessing to see the church bring guests to the Irish concert. The evening is not really for the church folks…it’s actually to give the church folks a platform to invite their friends to hear some good music and a clear gospel message together. Then it gives the opportunity to followup with future conversations about the evening.

Again, so thankful for the trust of people with their friends and children and allowing us to minister to them in song and preaching.

Thank you, Bethel Baptist Church (and school!), for a wonderful week! Praise the Lord for all that He has done and will continue to do.