Ministry Update

Hear from our team members each week about what the Lord is doing in churches that we minister in. Look for an updated article each week!

Matthews, North Carolina


Bible Baptist Church + Indiana Recording Week

March 18, 2018

There has been much traveling this weekend, and we can never be "over thankful" for the Lord's protection. Our team drove from Augusta, GA to Charlotte, NC on Saturday to spend Sunday with Bible Baptist Church in Matthews. It was great to be in the church where Jordan Allen grew up with his dad as pastor. It was great for our whole team to see friends and acquaintances again from previous visits and weeks of meetings. Thankful for Bible Baptist's friendship and allowing us to be based out of Charlotte for a little while. Looking forward to connecting with them more while we're in the area.

The 7 team members + Christy left Charlotte on Sunday afternoon to head all the way to Indiana. Long drive, good company, thankful for a smooth trip. We got in close to midnight and started at 8:45 the following morning at the studio! We were excited to see and welcome our good friend Pastor Jon Albright from Gospel Grace Church who has been such a great help with this album (plus nearly all of our other albums!). Thankful for his kindness and willing spirit. Albright, Christy, and our mixer Ben from Air Borne make an incredible team in the studio. All of them along with Shannon who is coordinating the majority of the week have been a great blessing to work with. They constantly are pointing our gazes to the goal—Glorifying God. Thankful to have leaders who are servant-hearted and push us to Christ.

Recording studios can bring out so many fears and insecurities and all sorts of “studio lies” because of all the raw skills and imperfections and mistakes being right out in the open. Thankful for a team who encourages, who shares truthful reminders that we’re secure in Christ, who are all on the same team and “all for" each other, and who help each other work through those tough moments—when we are uncomfortable, insecure, mess up, get frustrated, respond wrong, etc. {Personal note from BW} I think that God sometimes uses recording studios as a sanctifying tool for us to love others more like Christ and to be made more like Christ ;) Thankful for the smooth days where we accomplish a lot, but also thankful for even those hard days!

It’s a privilege to be able to serve together here, to make music to share with others in years to come, and to have fun together while doing it!

Our prayer is that the Lord is honored and glorified not just during our week of recording but also as this album is produced and released to countless listeners.

Truth matters. People matter. Eternity matters. To God be the glory!


Martinez, Georgia


Westside Baptist Church

March 11-15, 2018

We had some beautiful spring weather in northern Georgia and tried to even do some computer work outside whenever we could! Knowing that recording week in Indiana was coming up soon, we had some long days practicing extra music while also spending a week with Westside Baptist Church.

Each evening, there were different pre-services for the adults, teens, and children. Will had a time to meeting with the adults and speak with them for about 20 minutes. Bethany and Shelley took the younger children for their own special pre-service where the kids learned about past missionaries who served in different places of the world faithfully serving the Lord while also challenging the children that they can be missionaries right where God has them now in their school or neighborhood.  Jordan and the rest of the team spent about 45 minutes with the teens for an extra teaching time, game time, and on Wednesday even a pizza dinner with them.

Pastor Lehn and his wife are such a sweet couple and served our team and the Galkin family so kindly. We enjoyed having meals with them, spending extra time talking with them, and just seeing them love their church.

Westside’s music pastor—Zach Shelburne—is the brother of one of our former team members, Spencer Shelburne! Again, we love connecting with the family members of our team! Zach and his wife have two little children with another soon-to-arrive! Our team enjoyed spending a little extra time with them and hearing how the Lord has been working in and through them at Westside Baptist.

Thank you Westside Baptist Church for a great week of serving the Lord together! Praise the Lord for a great outreach night in addition to the other previous nights of equipping and exhorting!


Lilburn + Roswell, Georgia


Killian Hill Baptist Church

March 4, 2018

Last Sunday, our team had the opportunity to spend a Sunday at Killian Hill Baptist Church. Pastor Chris Anderson and Will have known each other for many years, so it was a sweet time to have a whole Sunday with them. During the Sunday School hour, Will spoke to the college and career class on the topic of Discipleship.

Some points of truth that he shared were that God uses every stage of our lives so that He ultimately reigns…so that He is our ALL. Location doesn’t necessarily matter, because wherever God has called you, just go all in and make disciples. What are you doing right now with where God has you? Don’t miss what God has right in front of you because of focusing too heavily on what’s ahead. A disciple is simply a “learner” of Jesus Christ. No special degree is needed to be a disciple-maker either. Ultimately, it is God who disciples. So all we need is God’s Word and the willingness to leverage all that we have in order for someone else to become more like Christ. So pursue Christ, let others see your pursuit, let others see your weaknesses, and be okay with your self-righteousness being killed so that others can see the grace of God in your life. Be a means to grace for others to witness.

We can leverage our weaknesses to so that God’s strength is on display through us.

After an evening concert and a time of fellowship, we all headed back to Roswell to get ready for an intense week of music practices. It was actually a blessing to have a handful of days without evening services due to our prepping for an upcoming week of recording! Shannon Allen has done a fantastic job at organizing our practices so that we can be most effective and efficient with our time. The time that it takes to organize such detailed practices can go easily unnoticed, but we are so thankful for Shannon and all the others who have leaned in and helped organize, lead, and keep us all on mission.

We are pretty excited to be able to share this upcoming album with you all in the near future! We continue to covet your prayers as we serve in Martinez (near Augusta), Georgia for the week, along with a couple busy weeks following. Thank you so much for all of your love and support, friends!

Praising the Lord for His goodness and kindness to us!


Roswell, Georgia


Lebanon Baptist Church - Mission’s Conference

February 24-28, 2018


Lebanon Baptist Church has been good friends of ours for several years due to Pastor Brian Peterson and his family being close friends with Will and Christy Galkin. Pastor Brian and Will both attended school together in college.

We had the opportunity to share a week with Lebanon Baptist for their missions conference. The conference was a blessing to our team, and it was a great change of pace from our other weeks on the road. In addition to supporting a large number of missionaries all over the world, Lebanon has a focus of three main areas where they pray for, send, and support missionaries: Georgia (local church planting); Utah (church planting); and the Philippines (teaching, church planting).

Three years ago when we were on a similar route of traveling, we were able to attend and participate in the conference. Lebanon is a supporter of Will and Christy’s ministry out in Salt Lake City, UT with Gospel Grace Church. Since it was not a week of regular meetings for the team, we just jumped in helping wherever we could during the conference week. Some helped with childcare during the day, some were able to participate in leading the evening praise and worship, and then the team would take the kids every evening for a separate program during the missionary presentations/preaching in the main service.

The great commission is to take the gospel to every place; not necessarily when we “see” God working. Some are called to minister in places where there is extreme darkness and in difficult places with minimal results. There are countless stories of missionaries who gave their lives to spreading the gospel in places where they never saw the fruit of their labor. They faithfully obeyed the Lord’s call and loved people day by day without relying on any seen results. What a challenge to live by. Some missionaries are the sowers and some missionaries are the reapers. We don’t get to choose which we are. God is the one Who ultimately does the work…we just follow in obedience.

Some take the rocks away; some plow the field; some plant the seed; and some reap the harvest. How do you live out the great commission? Who are you discipling? Guard against comparing others because of their results. One can control the input of labor, but one cannot control the output (results) of their labor.

So go. Make disciples. Faithfully live “on mission” and leave the results to the Lord.




Spring Hill, Tennessee



February 19-22, 2018

It was three years ago that we were last in Spring Hill, TN, and it was a unique week back then in 2015! During that week in February, we were iced in! There would be a wintry mix, then snow, then icing rain throughout each day, and then the roads would freeze over completely once the sun went down. We were able to have a Sunday morning service, but each evening service for the rest of the week was canceled due to the danger of the roads.

Fortunately, our most recent week with Community Baptist was not hindered by weather! Since our last time with them, they have moved to a brand new location that they rebuilt from the inside out themselves. It is beautiful! Their faithful ministry was an encouragement for us to see. Throughout the week, Will was able to really challenge the church body each evening in the area of discipleship. Discipleship is simply leveraging all that one has in order for someone else to become a little more like Christ. So go leverage. Leverage time (it requires intentionality); go leverage Truth (just need God’s Word); and go leverage trust (which takes time and reading through the Word). We overcomplicate it so we don’t have to do it, but it’s really not complicated. Be a disciple-making disciple!

We had a great opportunity one afternoon to have lunch with the seniors of Community Baptist, to play some music for them promo-ing our Irish concert the following night, and then to share a short challenge given by Will. Thankful for an opportunity to connect with and minister to the church members outside evening services!

The afternoon after our Irish concert (praise the Lord for some guests who came out!), the church was holding a leadership luncheon for all different leaders in the community. Some who were in attendance were the town mayor, the fire chief, the local policemen, well-known businessmen and businesswomen, and a handful of church members. We were able to share a meal, some music, and a challenge on how to lead well. The challenge to lead by serving and to truly see one’s employees/fellow workers as individual people who also have needs and desires was a great and needed challenge/reminder. And in the end, we cannot truly lead well without Christ.

Thankful for our week at Community Baptist and the opportunity to come back and serve alongside them. Keep living and serving and loving one another for Christ!



Pensacola, Florida


Faith Baptist Church

February 11-16, 2018

Highlights from our week in Pensacola:

Last Monday was Christy Galkin’s birthday!!!! We sure do love Christy…she’s one special lady, and anyone who’s life has been touched by her has been blessed. Wouldn’t you agree?

Each evening this week, we were able to have pre-services before each main service for teens, adults, AND children! Our team split up to be able to be with the different groups and help lead the pre-service sessions. They were extra times of teaching and interacting that sometimes have a “Sunday school feel” to them, and they were a great extra time together with Faith Baptist Church!

A great group of teens came out each evening, and we enjoyed getting to know them more in addition to going canvassing with them once during the week. We filled two cars to fit all 21 of us to go inviting, and we were so excited to see guests who had gotten flyers on the night of the dodgeball tournament. We were able to organize five teams for the tournament, and we played on two courts in their multi-purpose gym. Simultaneously, we also had a service for the adults and children! While Jordan and Shannon were with the teens getting ready to serve dinner and share a gospel message, the rest of our team scurried over to the main service to help with praise and worship and the children’s program. It was a crazy busy night, but such a great turnout!

One of our team members—Andrew Smith—had quite the fan club…his whole family was able to attend the Irish Concert service! It is always great to see and meet the whole family of team members whenever we’re able to. There was a dessert social after the concert, which was the perfect excuse for extra fellowship!

We are so thankful for all of the responses this week. Looking back over the weeks of our spring travels, the Lord has been very kind in working in lives and letting us see a small glimpse of the harvest.
Praise the Lord for all that He has done and all that He continues to do! Thank you Faith Baptist Church family for the privilege of serving alongside of you for the week.