Logical Fallacies Part 2


In part one of this discussion, we showed how we could be susceptible to illogical reasoning in our communication of Christ to others.Because Christians have the truth of the Word of God, they must not be shy about learning from it and leaning on it. Ours is not an uninformed faith.

However, in the realm of logic, one could claim that Christians are guilty of the logical fallacy of circular reasoning. As an example, if you were to be asked to prove that the Bible is true, how would you respond? Certainly, you could show proofs of biblical prophecies fulfilled, of the historicity of biblical events based on archaeological evidence, or of documented accounts of the risen Christ. But would any amount of evidence serve to ultimately prove the veracity of God’s Word?

In this tool, Aaron Boyce takes a closer look at the issue of circular reasoning.

Click here to download this tool.

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