The Gospel and My Thinking

gospelandthinkinglowWhat is the Gospel?

Definition: “Good News” of the revelation of Jesus Christ; The life of Christ; a thing that is absolutely true.

What is the Gospel to you? To me it is my ultimate salvation. It pulls me out of some deep pits. When I don’t have truth flowing through my mind, my mind can get muddy. I start thinking untruthful thoughts and lies about the gospel. One lie is that, “I am not that bad”, or “I am TOO sinful”, and even “As long as I do this for God today, then He will love me.”

Are these thoughts that you have?

With these kinds of thoughts, I can doubt my salvation. I can doubt God’s love. I can be discontent with where God has put me in my race of faith and try to run it in my own strength. I can start to think evil of others and fear men instead of God. So, what the gospel does is that it corrects my thinking of my salvation, my relationships, and my trials.

Tool written by: Sarah Roe

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