The Team

Former Team Member - Sarah Roe


Hometown: Greenville, SC

Bio: Sarah Roe graduated in May of 2010 with a degree in Christian Ministries from Bob Jones University, and traveled with the Galkin team for four years. While at BJU, she was very involved in the music program, singing and playing flute. She traveled to Europe on the musical mission team. On team she assisted Christy with the children, plays and sings in music, and takes care of the resources for the team. She is currenly working at Harvest Baptist Church in Guam.


Former Team Member - Stephanie Snyder (Greenwood)


Hometown: Bloomfield, CT

Bio: Stephanie graduated with a bachelor's in Cinema and Video Production from Bob Jones University in December of 2012. Stephanie was a fantastic addition to our team in music, but especially in video production as our team continued to develop a media aspect to 4theGospel Ministries. Stephanie used her gifts in scripting our shots, shooting, and editing video. We are thankful to see what God has done in and through her while she was with us. She is now married to Justin Snyder and they are living in Florida.


Former Team Member - Nathan Loggans


Hometown: Watertown, WI

Bio: Nathan Loggans is joined our team in the Fall of 2013 as a graduate of Maranatha Baptist University with a degree in Biblical Studies, and a minor in Business Management. While on team assisted in music on our team, along with heading up our children’s program, and overseeing our website. Nate traveled for one year.


Former Team Members - Joshua and Caroline Roland

Bio: Josh and Caroline began traveling with the team in 2008 as single team members. Josh graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor's degree in Bible and in 2008 with a Master's in Bible, both from Bob Jones University. After a year of traveling, Caroline returned to finish her Music Education degree at Bob Jones University, and Josh continued to travel. They were married in May of 2010. Josh ran the teen program and participated in the music ministry. Caroline helped with secretarial work and music. They have two baby girls, Evangeline and Cosette. Josh and Caroline are now living in Roswell, GA and serving at Lebanon Baptist Church.


Former Team Member - Reba Snyder


Hometown: South Bend, IN

Bio: Reba Snyder began traveling on the team in August of 2008. She graduated in 2004 with a degree in Church music from Bob Jones University. She traveled with the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team for three years before joining us and serving as our music coordinator. She has produced five recordings with our team, and has arranged new and old hymns for vocal groups and instruments. Much of her work can be found through our store. Reba is now living in Roswell, GA and serving at Lebanon Baptist Church.


Former Team Member - Jonathan Jarrett


Hometown: Spartanburg, SC

Bio: Jonathan Jarrett was actually the very first single team member to travel with the Galkins and Coffeys. In the spring of 2007, he took a semester off of school to travel as the team pianist. He graduated with his bachelor's in Church Music from Bob Jones University, and then served as a Graduate Assistant teaching piano at BJU while earning his master's in Church Music, which he received in May of 2010. Jonathan sang and worked with the technology aspect of our team, specifically powerpoints, the sound system, and music composition for our recordings and specials. He is now living in Salt Lake City, UT helping with a church plant, Gospel Grace Church.


Former Team Member - Matt Reid

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Bio: Matt graduated in May of 2009 from Bob Jones University and spent 2 years on the Galkin Team running the children’s program. He married Anna Niarchos on July 14, 2012. He is now living in Salt Lake City, UT helping with a church plant, Gospel Grace Church.




Former Team Member - Jared Mitchell

Hometown: Pueblo, CO

Bio: Jared Mitchell graduated in May of 2009 with a degree in Evangelism from Northland International University. He spent 2 years on the Galkin Team assisting with the teen and children’s program as well as with outreach.




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