ministry update

Grace Baptist | Twin Falls, Idaho
April 23-28, 2017 Thankful to spend a great week in Twin Falls, Idaho--the hometown and church where Will grew up! Since we were so close to his family, the Galkins were able to spend some extra More...

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New Album Releases
Be some of the first to purchase a copy of our two new albums! THEY ARE FINALLY HERE! Announcing the release of our two latest albums... ____________________________ The God Who More...

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Our Spring Wrap-up
Thank you for your prayers and support this year as we’ve traveled throughout the states preaching the gospel to all peoples and promoting the growth of healthy churches, all for the glory of More...

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Logical Fallacies Part 2
In part one of this discussion, we showed how we could be susceptible to illogical reasoning in our communication of Christ to others.Because Christians have the truth of the Word of God, More...