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Noblesville, Indiana
Noblesville Baptist Church November 4-9, 2018 Sickness is still lingering, but it did not deter us from our week with Noblesville Baptist Church! Some people ask us what we do all day before the More...

works of god

Many people ask me if I enjoy traveling. Perhaps they mean to ask whether I’m annoyed by moving places every week, or whether it’s hard to do school on the road, or if I like seeing all the More...

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Enduring with Joy
There are times on long runs where I wonder if I'll even make it to the end, whether it be because of my lungs, my knees, my back, my hip (what, am I old or something??), the weather, or whatever More...

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Reconciliation | Gospel Defined
As humans, we are relational beings. We desperately search for connection in many places, but nothing supplies the deep connection that we search for. Something is missing. Although the ultimate More...