ministry update

New Travel Year | New Team Members
From summer to fall The summer has come to a close, and the fall semester has started. Our team has new members, and we are beyond thrilled to have added Jordan and Shannon Allen, Hillary Rankin, More...

works of god

Team Training | Fall 2015
August 1 - September 19, 2015 For the past three weeks, our team has been chugging away with getting things done as we prepare to hit the road this weekend. Take a peek to see some things that we More...

what's happening

Camping | The Ultimate Team Bonding
Words that come to mind when we recall our camping adventure last week: This trip was greatly anticipated for months by certain team members and greatly dreaded for months by other team More...

tools & helps

Logical Fallacies Part 2
In part one of this discussion, we showed how we could be susceptible to illogical reasoning in our communication of Christ to others.Because Christians have the truth of the Word of God, More...